out with the old...in with the new

i think most people are thrilled about getting a new car especially when the new one has fancy extra features. 
i might be the exception...well both will and i might be.
so this is our old fj cruiser
it was a wonderful vehicle that i loved completely for about 5 years.
she even had a name.
i get all sentimental and attached to everything....including vehicles.
we traded her in today for a newer version.
it's something we've been planning to do for a while now for several reasons.
sassy had a manual transmission which was something i sometimes loved and other times hated.
will loved that about the car all the time.
as my belly has been growing and i've had to move my seat back i could barely reach the clutch to shift.
so this new one makes driving way easier,
not to mention the other new features that are really neat plus we got a fantastic deal.
but still i have such a hard time with change in general and maybe the pregnancy hormones are making it worse because i couldn't help but feel sad as we drove home with a new vehicle.
will understood because he was a little sad too....probably not as much as me. 
we are so silly but i'm sure we aren't the only ones out there that get attached to vehicles and such.
i guess in a way i felt like i hurt sassy's feeling by leaving her behind on that car lot.  i can probably thank disney/pixar for such irrational thoughts.
now time to name this one and learn to love it as much as sassy.


  1. I think your new car is BEAUTIFUL! It looks like a "charlie" to me. :) Love you!

  2. I love the new car! But I also understand how you feel. Jess and I are always talking about how we feel like "things" have feelings or something. In fact I have a really dorky example I'm going to email you about!

  3. I always get sad when we trade in a vehicle. I don't know why that is..maybe just afraid I won't like the new one as much or I will regret my decision. I even feel sad getting rid of the kids toys. pathetic huh? Toy story ruined that for me. LOL


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