steinway and the belly

the big fat fluff of a girl steinway came over for a few minutes on saturday. 
she was cute and funny as usual and we enjoyed her visit, minus the kitties, especially pellegrino.

i can't help but take a million pictures of this beauty.
at one point she ran into e's room and grabbed this stuffed sea turtle.
she began biting it repeatedly to try to make it squeak. 
we thought it was very cute.
 then i had the turtle ride on her back, which she didn't mind at all.

steinway once had a belly like this.
she is still the ultimate mother. 
just like i hope to be.


  1. I like your belly's cameo in the first shot. As always I love the furry unicorn legs. She really is such a pretty dog.

  2. Awww she is such a beauty...love Brandi's comment about the furry unicorn legs. :) I love unicorn's and Steinway...just perfect!


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