slowly hiking with the 5 furry beasts

we went out to my mom's house yesterday and while there took the dogs on a hike. 
this was my view for most of the journey thanks to the big belly slowing me down but i didn't really mind.
luckily will, brulé, and steinway slowed down several times to keep me company.
i was pretty amazed by my shadow.
and this magic tree.

a lovely mangled dead tree.



steinway stole the show with her complete love of the snow patches. 
she kept rolling in the snow, licking it, and making the cutest crunching noises when she would bite the snow.
oh fluffy girl....you make us smile.

i can't get over her clydesdale legs.

those 5 fluffs are the bright spot to any day.


  1. this was a good day...with family, babes, walking, cuteness, and a little snow...loved it.


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