flashback friday #26

circa november 2005.
tyra, myself, and marcy at disneyland.
such a fun day with two of my bestest friends.
first of all it feels like this trip was just yesterday, but the reality is it was quite a while ago.
we look so young. 
time goes way too fast.

memorable moments of the day....
riding our favorite rides multiple times.
eating enough junk food that it should have been illegal.
taking billions of pictures.
getting ears with our names on them and proudly wearing them for the rest of the day.
acting like little kids the entire time and being so exhausted by the end of the day we barely had enough energy to walk to the car. 


my mind

this is my mind lately...
at times i feel like it is as mixed up as this painting i created. 
hopefully soon i can get back to talking about the adventures of our life but for now i hope you can enjoy the kitties or the silence.
oh and my mind is mixed up in a good way...not a bad one. 


the moth in the closet

we have finally reached the point where nothing is safe in our house since houndstooth and pellegrino have grown up.
we recently noticed that houndstooth likes the top shelf in our closet. 
will caught her in there and noticed she was after a moth that was way high up in the wall. 
luckily he was standing there when she decided to leap off the shelf towards the moth with no good place to land.  he caught her and figured she would be too scared to try that again but next thing you know she is up there again and this time with her brother following. 

there is her moth.

it's a good thing they are so cute because i witnessed their way up to the spot she is sitting, and it involved climbing up my clothes. 
lets just say now we know they can't be in that room without supervision.


donated painting

i have a niece who works in an eco-friendly daycare in oregon.
they are having an art show to raise money for the facility. 
she asked if i would like to donate a painting for their show.
i instantly said yes.
oh and the theme.....enchanted forest.....a.k.a. right up my alley.  
i was very excited to contribute to a good cause and get one of my paintings a little further out in the world. 


mama kitty loves her boy

pellegrino doesn't care that he is as big as his mom and still gets a bath from her. 
in fact he completely enjoys it,
closes his eyes and takes it all in. 

she still treats him like a tiny baby and i don't think he will ever complain.


flashback friday #25

circa 1944
my dad
i can't even believe how cute my dad is in this picture.  he is adorable.
i could easily say more but i'll leave it at that.


pantry tricks

it's obvious i can't turn my back for a second with the naughtly little kitties we have. 
i laughed when i noticed houndstooth was chewing on a bag of kitty treats that she snagged out of the pantry and pulled to the living room when we weren't looking. 

she almost got the bag open but not quite.
something about her naughty behavior is so cute. 


the road less traveled

(blurry picture from my phone as we were driving towards the sunset)

unfortunately we rushed out the door so fast i didn't have a chance to grab my camera.  we received a distressed call from my mom that
the dogs
had escaped from their yard.
they rarely ever do that but this summer it has been a regular thing....mostly because of the free range cattle that come to visit.  they get so excited to see the cows and find a way out of the yard when it seems impossible.
naughty houdinis.
anyway we went out there and helped mom get them back in the yard and settled.  it was actually a really nice last minute trip once the chaos was over.  love from the babes, enjoying the nice weather, plus visiting with mom for a bit.....pretty perfect.  it had been a while since we made a trip up to her house and being there felt good, it felt familiar.  i remembered why i love that house way up in the mountains.
then i took za husband on the scenic old road back home.  he had never been that way and it was something we both completely enjoyed as the sun put on its setting show.


more in the shop

the shop is finally not so empty and lame...
you don't believe me?  go and take a peek....you'll see.
i'm still working on a couple more to add but wanted to get a few in there right away. 


the traveling necklace

a few weeks ago i went out to dinner with my family and a couple friends just for fun on a random thursday night. we laughed at my grandmother for she is her own person, wild, full of life and full of amazing one liners. we remarked that next time we need to record her and write a book of her brillance. at this dinner a necklace was exchanged and now for the story behind it:
once upon a time, october 3rd 2009 to be exact, i had my bridal shower. two lovely ladies gave me the party of my dreams and there were many loved ones in attendance. it really was a very magical day, sensory overload and all. unbeknownst to me a necklace was exchanged that day. our friend/family member heather was wearing this beautiful necklace.....
my grandmother (pictured below on the right) admired the necklace that heather (below on the left) was wearing.  i don't know specifics but heather ended up giving the necklace to my grandmother to wear for as long as she would like.  so while at dinner a couple weeks ago grandmother whistle pulls the necklace out of her bag and sets it on the table.  that was when i heard the story of what we now call the traveling necklace.  i was given the necklace that night, and for the next year it will be mine to take on adventures until i pass it along to my mom.

here we go traveling necklace...time for adventure.