the road less traveled

(blurry picture from my phone as we were driving towards the sunset)

unfortunately we rushed out the door so fast i didn't have a chance to grab my camera.  we received a distressed call from my mom that
the dogs
had escaped from their yard.
they rarely ever do that but this summer it has been a regular thing....mostly because of the free range cattle that come to visit.  they get so excited to see the cows and find a way out of the yard when it seems impossible.
naughty houdinis.
anyway we went out there and helped mom get them back in the yard and settled.  it was actually a really nice last minute trip once the chaos was over.  love from the babes, enjoying the nice weather, plus visiting with mom for a bit.....pretty perfect.  it had been a while since we made a trip up to her house and being there felt good, it felt familiar.  i remembered why i love that house way up in the mountains.
then i took za husband on the scenic old road back home.  he had never been that way and it was something we both completely enjoyed as the sun put on its setting show.

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  1. the babes escaped just so you and will would come out and play with them :)


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