flashback friday #26

circa november 2005.
tyra, myself, and marcy at disneyland.
such a fun day with two of my bestest friends.
first of all it feels like this trip was just yesterday, but the reality is it was quite a while ago.
we look so young. 
time goes way too fast.

memorable moments of the day....
riding our favorite rides multiple times.
eating enough junk food that it should have been illegal.
taking billions of pictures.
getting ears with our names on them and proudly wearing them for the rest of the day.
acting like little kids the entire time and being so exhausted by the end of the day we barely had enough energy to walk to the car. 

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  1. You know whats funny. I have a picture in the picture behind you. They sent out a thing to all the passport holders to send in pictures and one of mine ended up in that one behind you. And what you listed is only the beginning of all memories that happen there.


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