the traveling necklace

a few weeks ago i went out to dinner with my family and a couple friends just for fun on a random thursday night. we laughed at my grandmother for she is her own person, wild, full of life and full of amazing one liners. we remarked that next time we need to record her and write a book of her brillance. at this dinner a necklace was exchanged and now for the story behind it:
once upon a time, october 3rd 2009 to be exact, i had my bridal shower. two lovely ladies gave me the party of my dreams and there were many loved ones in attendance. it really was a very magical day, sensory overload and all. unbeknownst to me a necklace was exchanged that day. our friend/family member heather was wearing this beautiful necklace.....
my grandmother (pictured below on the right) admired the necklace that heather (below on the left) was wearing.  i don't know specifics but heather ended up giving the necklace to my grandmother to wear for as long as she would like.  so while at dinner a couple weeks ago grandmother whistle pulls the necklace out of her bag and sets it on the table.  that was when i heard the story of what we now call the traveling necklace.  i was given the necklace that night, and for the next year it will be mine to take on adventures until i pass it along to my mom.

here we go traveling necklace...time for adventure.

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