a quail story

my mom stopped by our house today and i had opened the garage to help her with something.  as we are going out to her car, we notice something run towards the front door.  come to find out it was a family of quail, parents and babies.  i tried to get a closer look and ended up startling the group so they scattered running every direction.  i saw a couple of the babies run into the garage.  i watched and waited for a long time because i wanted to make sure they were out before i shut the door.  all the sudden mama quail runs in and calls for the babies and they start making the most adorable chirping noise.  i stayed very still so they don't get startled again.  eventually mama quail ran out, i thought with babies in tow.  garage got closed up and i went about my business until a little later i hear a chirping noise coming from out there.  i go back in the garage and open the side door because i can hear the mama quail freaking out on the other side of the door.  two of the now four babies trapped inside ran out shortly after i opened the door, but before they did i took these pictures.

i kept the side door open for a long time in hopes that the other two would run out.  periodically i would go check to see if they were still in there but i couldn't really tell because they were tiny, quiet when i was out there, and quick to hide.  i kept going back in the house but then i would hear chirping and go back out to try and help them escape.  after waiting in the garage for long spans of time i was able to almost touch one of them and get these pictures.

cutest little bird in the world right?

i thought the little ones finally got out until i heard chirping again.  i propped the door open and left the garage for about an hour so they wouldn't be too scared to come out of hiding.  i'm pretty sure they are all out now and reunited with their family because i don't hear any chirping coming from the garage plus i saw a group of quail in the backyard.  i am amazed by the parents and how diligent they are at gathering up the babies.  they don't simply forget about them and take off.  i heard the parents calling for the babies all day and even watched them waiting for the little ones.
i just love how they stay together in a group and get so worried when even one member of the clan is missing.  it was precious thing to witness.


  1. I am SOOOOOO happy to read this post. Remember my baby quail in the road story I told you? I've wondered ever since if the baby I got out of the road ever found his parents, and this makes me feel much better. I assume his parents were there waiting for me to leave before they came out of hiding to get to him again.

  2. They are sooooo cute, and I love how the parents are diligent and care about them...but...I can't help but think about Bella...I know I put a damper on your cute story. (The circle of life) :)


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