highlights of the evening:
*our friend lynn was in town from washington and stopped over for a visit.  the kitties loved her as much as we have always loved her.
*playing a couple intense rounds of cranium.  i get silly whenever i have to be the puppet (in the scene above with will holding my arms).   also i laughed so hard at a couple of my moms acting moments.  she is ridiculous.  one of the videos i took of her last night was so funny i watched it 3 times in a row.
*watching a couple minutes of the fireworks far away and then deciding it was much better to let off our own in the backyard while taking goofy pictures.
*seeing the boys get excited about squishing a giant sun spider and then putting it on top of a fire cracker before lighting it...they are crazy.
we had lots of fun and i was so bummed we had to get up for work the next morning because once we start playing games i could play them all night, especially considering how competitive those rounds of cranium were.  intense i tell you.


  1. I love how crazy HAPPY guys get when they get to set off fireworks.

  2. I love the action shots. Super cute!!


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