accidental pumpkin growers

could it be?

those curly things are so adorable to me.

we just noticed that amongst our weed filled backyard there is something growing other than a weed. 
hopefully soon our yard will be landscaped but that is another story for another time. 
when za husband pointed out the new growth to me this morning the first thing i said was....it looks like a pumpkin!  i tried and failed at growing pumpkins once before, but it seems one just decided to grow in our yard which i think is quite magical and beautiful.  you see i couldn't stand the thought of throwing our millions of pumpkins from halloween in the dumpster, so instead i watched the 3 we carved rot slowly for months.  they started to look like grumpy old men the more they rotted, and to be honest it was a process i enjoyed watching.  as for the rest of our pumpkins, za husband buried them in random spots around our yard, just for fun, to see if anything might happen.  
it may seem silly but since i have quite the love of pumpkins documented herehere, here, and here this really made my day.  
* i think it might be one of these pumpkins that is responsible for the accidental new growth.  unfortunately i couldn't easily find the slowly rotting pictures mentioned above and didn't have the patience to keep looking. 


  1. This is a total Jack and the Beanstalk story, I love the curly q's on the vines.

  2. That is so cool! We've got the same thing going on, threw our pumpkins in our compost bin last fall and now it's overgrowing (more than any of the actually planted garden bins) with pumpkin plants!


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