kitty procedures

these little fluffs had surgery yesterday to revoke their baby making abilities.
as much as i didn't want to have them experience surgery or a bit of pain, i knew i had to do my part to prevent adding to the already super long list of pets that don't end up in a good home or any home for that matter.

brandi, remember you were here for our makeup party when i took these.

i love how he is covering her eye in this one. 
they are doing quite well, in fact when i got them home yesterday they didn't seem to be phased in the least.  they were actually being more rowdy than they should have and i had to keep calming them down.
i love these little bundles of joy and i find great happiness in giving them all the extra tlc they need at the moment. 


  1. Oh I remember alright. They were so lovey dovey and cute.

  2. They look so adorable, happy, spoiled, naughty, and loved...wish all kitties had this life.


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