perfect timing

today i was certainly in need of a little extra love.   i must have vibed that to my friends, because extra love was certainly what i got without saying a word.
nothing like perfect timing. 
my sweet talented lovely friend lexie painted these amazing owls for me and wrote a precious note on the back to boot.  i love lexie.
insane right? like i said....she is talented.
you need to all come over and see it in person because really this picture doesn't do it justice,
especially the decorative detail on the left hand side. so neat.

then i was lucky enough to have my vibrant beautiful soul sister marcy over for some long overdue girl talk tonight.  we certainly don't get to see each other as much as we did when we lived together and i miss her.
when we hang out i am always reminded why i love this girl so much.  she is very genuine and optimistic, just full of good energy.  we talk about anything and everything and she makes me laugh.
she brought over my birthday gift that she has been trying to get over to me since may.  i kept forgetting to return her calls and then neither of us could commit on a day to meet, that's just us.  having her over was enough of a gift but this is what she brought on top of that. 
some wonderful favorite health food store snacks along with a cute shirt, amazing jewelry, and a movie that looks fun. 
she knows me, that's for sure.
i love marcy. 

i feel so blessed to have these special ladies in my life along with many others.
when you really think about all the special people in your life, isn't it amazing to know that every single one has something unique to offer? 
a certain set of qualities that are shared, which add extraordinary richness to your soul.


  1. this post made me all kinds of happy! :) there is nothing like finding a friend like that.. a soul mate that even when you can't see each other all the time, it doesn't matter cos when you do... it's like you pick up right where you left off. what a great gift!!! from someone who really does get you. <3


  2. I had no idea Lexi was so talented! Wow!

  3. I love how mucho talented people flock together. How talented is she..WOW!! I'm glad that you have such adoring friends in your life. As crazy as things get its important to have special friends to spend time with.


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