tumbleweed eyeball

i guess putting on mascara can be a dangerous thing because this morning that very action gave me the following:
-a doctor visit
-a prescription
-mandatory eyes closed for 3 hours (which believe it or not, has been almost impossible for me do)

i've poked my eyes lots of times while doing my makeup but this time felt way different.  i papercut my eyeball once about 10 years ago so i know what really hurting your eyes versus poking them feels like.  this seemed more like a really hurting kind of pain.  i had to call za husband to pick me up and take me to the office that i work in, so i could have a doctor take a look at my eye with the glowy stuff and black light.  i didn't have a scratch but a major irritation so i was told to get my prescription of eye goop then go home and keep my eyes closed.  when za husband was taking me home i told him it felt like an entire tumbleweed was in my eyeball.
the vain side of me is really hoping that by tomorrow morning my eye will feel happy enough for me to put makeup on.  going around with makeup on one eye this morning was not cool.   

these blurry pictures kind of tell how my vision has been today between the watery faucet action and the slimy medicine.  on a side note can i please tell you that i've kind of fallen in love with blurry pictures lately. 

*i know at least one person will be able to guess what ride these pictures were taken on. 

  being hurt or sick reminds me of the things i take for granted each day.
i can tell you for sure i'm very thankful for my normal happy vision and being able to keep my eyes open all day.  oh and also being able to wear makeup on both eyes.


  1. I don't know if I'm that one person... but I'm guessing Haunted Mansion – Nightmare Before Christmas style.

  2. Haunted Mansion and I didn't read Lisa's comment before knowing!!! :)


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