sights to see and house of joy

the following pictures are taken outside of a shop called house of joy
click the link for a little history on this place.
i wanted so bad to take photos inside the shop because it was a magical hodge podge of items and colors...just my style.  i respected the signs and refrained from being camera happy in the store.  instead i searched through tons of items for a few things to call my own.  oh and not only was the place neat but the owner lady was as well, a very eccentric little old gal that commented about the things i bought and told me how she wished to keep one of the items for herself but, "i can't keep everything!"
i tend to feel the same way about my art so that comment of hers made me smile.  

so here is the stuff that (as my mom would say) spoke to me:
this whimsical little card that i plan on framing.

this really old thing which i am going to frame as well.  not sure what it originally was but the eccentric lady says it's real old and it was the item she wanted to keep for herself.
probably my favorite part is the saying at the bottom.

i have a slight obsession with kewpie dolls and luckily over the last several years have acquired quite the little collection (brandi, probably another reason i adore your children, they look like kewpie dolls.)

last but not least, this beautiful magnet.

if the shop weren't so crowded and we weren't so overheated i guarantee i could have found many more treasures.


  1. Haha, I figured that was part of the reason you like them.

  2. I totally got that magnet too! After I bought it, I thought maybe that was one of the things you bought. Its so cute. The lady told me it was from a stocking ad :)


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