wall-e, eve, our wedding date

wall-e is our movie ♥ as i've mentioned before.  it was the movie we watched on our second date, and it inspired our wedding cake.  we really connected with the story, and i think we've watched it a billion times.  i recently felt the need to paint a scene from the movie, and add a special touch just for us.  our wedding date is in roman numerals on the axiom.

i worked several nights over the course of a month to get the little details right.  i tend to get pretty frustrated when a painting isn't turning out how i envision it, so i have to walk away until i feel ready to tackle it again.  i am happy to say that this one is finally finished and will take up residence on a wall in our home. 

in other news, the shop has been updated a tiny bit. 


  1. Skye, all I have to say is AMAZING!!! You should continue on with your dreams and keep painting:)

  2. I've been trying to comment for DAYS, and it wouldn't work. I'm hoping it will this time. I love this painting and I love you for saying "the axiom" when you could have just said "spaceship" or whatever. A true Wall-E fan.


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