the story of us

the following pictures are of two things i love very much, one more than the other.  of course i love za husband more than i love beautiful sunsets.  lately i have been reminiscing about our story.  i found my old journal from our dating days.  as dramatic as some of the entries are, i still enjoy reading them because it reminds me of where we were then and what we have become now.  in our dating days if you would have asked me about our future, i would have said we didn't have one.  you know what is strange though, even during the worst times, according to my journal, there was this underlying tone that almost made it seem like i knew we would be together.  i never really felt we would but i guess some part of me knew which makes those entries all the more interesting to read now.  in a few days it will be what i like to call our engaged-a-versary.  i have talked about our engagement on here a tiny bit before but i don't think i ever mentioned that we were actually not dating at the time he asked me to marry him.  it is certainly an interesting story and the few days leading up to that moment are interesting as well.  i think deep down i knew, before i even really knew....if that makes any sense. 

i sort of love that the story of us doesn't start out on a traditional syrupy note.  i probably couldn't have said that a couple years ago, but i honestly can now because it is a tribute to our character and strength.  
we have certainly made up for our turbulent beginning.
 may we forever be sickingly sweet, extra lovey dovey, and all that wonderful nonsense, which really isn't nonsense. 

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