kitty panic

we rarely let the kitties in our room so when the door is closed and we are in there pellegrino meows at the door.
he usually only meows a couple times and then goes about his business.  last night was a different story.  he sat outside our bedroom door meowing as if something was seriously wrong and he wouldn't let up.  when we opened the door he kept up his cries so we knew something really was wrong.  we went to find houndstooth since she wasn't in sight.  we searched her usual hiding spots but couldn't find her, so we tried the usual tricks that get her to come out but she wouldn't appear.  eventually will went to the kitchen and opened the pantry, because they have been known to get closed up in there before.  guess what happened....houndstooth came running out.  i can't get over the fact that pellegrino knew she was in trouble and needed our help.  he wasn't going to give up until his sissy was free.  his anxiety went out the window as soon as he saw houndstooth come out of the pantry.  what a smart funny little kitty he is. 


nest discovery

these little eggs were recently found by za husband, in a nest on the ground in the corner of our yard.  i thought it was quite the magical discovery.  i think it is a nest made by quail, and if the eggs weren't hollow and abandoned we'd have new baby quail hatching in our yard any day now.  it was really amazing to see how the bird that constructed the nest dug a spot out in the ground then used all the weeds to make a safe spot for its babies.  too bad we won't be seeing babies hatch from those pretty little eggs. 


the promised pictures

as promised...

here he is getting sympathy for having to pose next to the plaque while people are walking down the hall and he is clearly embarrassed.

i should have waited to take the pictures because the little box that is missing his name in this picture was filled in a couple days later but oh well. 
i'm lucky i was able to convince will to let me take these pictures in the first place. 
making a big deal of his accomplishment made me extremely happy.


leaves make a great bed

as i was getting out the fall decorations pellegrino decided the perfect place to relax was in a bag of leaves.
it is so easy to love him. 


blossoms and bees

our accidental pumpkin plant has really taken off.
it has stretched way further across the yard than i thought possible and its latest trick is these giant flowers that open in the morning and close in the evening. 
i was mesmerized by the bees playing in the flowers the last few mornings so i had to take lots of pictures of them.

i've been a little bummed that we have yet to see pumpkins but after doing a little online research i discovered the bees are a really good sign. 
the bees collect pollen from the male flowers which are the ones they are currently obsessed with, then they transfer the pollen to the female flowers and pumpkins should start to appear. 
so i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of pumpkins.
hopefully they decide to appear with this first bloom, although sometimes they don't according to the internet.
oh and bees are magical if you really think about it.


plaid love

pellegrino has a thing for plaid
he takes after me.


castle door

on friday we had a new front door installed. 
it was something we had considered doing for a long time. 
i'm lucky to have a brother in the business because he was able to hook us up.
i told brandon i wanted a castle looking door with a peek-a-boo thing.
apparently the part i call a peek-a-boo is called a speakeasy in real life, but i prefer using my own made up language.

here is our old door that we don't miss.

this is the new door without the peek-a-boo installed.
brandon and his friend eddie installing the door.
they actually worked on this house together when it was being built before we ever knew it would become ours, so it was cool to have them share stories about that.

the finished product with the peek-a-boo closed
then open

we are thrilled about our new door. 
you know you are maturing when a purchase like this is just as exciting as new clothes.

longer weekends please

i vote for longer weekends because i love days when we are able to get away and explore and

enjoy every second together.
two days just go by way too fast. 
last weekend when we ran away to flagstaff for the day.
as we were driving home za husband spotted this old empty place
he knew i'd love to take a picture of it so we had an unexpected photo shoot on the way home. 
the no trespassing signs only allowed me to get so close but it was still fun.
a pretty magical day indeed.


fair enough

last night we went to the fair. 
i enjoy the fair for the following reasons and these reasons only...

1. visiting the cute animals and petting them/talking to them. (will's most favorite thing)
2. walking around the building to look at photos and art.
3. tigers blood shaved ice.
as for the rest of it.....yuck.
i do not enjoy the crowds of obnoxious people
the general dirtiness
constantly walking through a persons cloud of cigarette smoke.
but those not so pleasant things aren't quite so bad when i'm with my favorite.
p.s.  i did not get sneezed on by a horse this time so that was good.


flashback friday #29

circa july 2008
with two of my favorites marcy and michaela
at our 10 year high school reunion. 
the thing we swore we wouldn't attend but then we went and had a blast.

about houndsie

here's what i know about.....

houndstooth......she's cute and funny and the best cuddle kitty i know.


where's pellegrino?

i recently discovered that if we can't find pellegrino we should probably
check the dirty clothes pile in the laundry room.
it seems to be his new throne.


happy tuesday

today i am in love with the cloudy, rainy, cooler weather
and the fact that za husband manages to surprise me with little random gifts like the one he gave me today and the one he gave me last week. 
the card full of heartfelt words from him was equally amazing. 
it's the little things like gloomy weather and tokens of love that make my day!


sweet siblings

it's nice to know that despite the constant play fighting and trouble making

they still have moments of pure sweetness like this.


fresh and yummy

if you've never had food from this fine establishment do yourself a favor and try it out.
maybe i'm obsessed because of my vegetarian ways but even that carnivorous husband of mine enjoyed some meaty options from the menu.
everything is so fresh and yummy it's hard to choose what to eat so guess what we did yesterday....
ordered too much and then brought home leftovers.
oh and the decor/vibe is pretty great too.

oh how i wish we had one of these in town.  i guess a trip to flagstaff is in order whenever i need a fix. 


flashback friday #28

circa february 2009
with my little cousin mia
oh how i am wishing for weather like this!


fresh air

over the weekend we went for a hike on our usual trail. 
this fat little bird was so cute. 
there was a group of them that my mom spotted and i was able to get one decent shot of one of them.

we talked and laughed and had fun like usual
it may not look like brandon was having fun but this is the look i get when i take pictures of him.
i hope for many more days like this in the near future
hiking as the seasons change is my most favorite.