fair enough

last night we went to the fair. 
i enjoy the fair for the following reasons and these reasons only...

1. visiting the cute animals and petting them/talking to them. (will's most favorite thing)
2. walking around the building to look at photos and art.
3. tigers blood shaved ice.
as for the rest of it.....yuck.
i do not enjoy the crowds of obnoxious people
the general dirtiness
constantly walking through a persons cloud of cigarette smoke.
but those not so pleasant things aren't quite so bad when i'm with my favorite.
p.s.  i did not get sneezed on by a horse this time so that was good.


  1. I took my babies tonight and the bath tub was a mudpie when they were finished! On the drive home I asked what their favorite parts were and Leah said "the bunnies" and Connor said "all the animals". Who knew I didnt have to take them were the rides are which is the most disgusting part :) On a side note I saw a lady with a tiny little baby and asked how old he was.....I was shocked that someone would bring a less than 2 week old to a place like that!

  2. Aleasha...that is so gross! haha! I am told that when I was a young pup I preferred anything over the rides so hopefully our future children are like I was back then. I saw a few babies that I was shocked to see there too.

    Barb...I can feel the sarcasm :)


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