castle door

on friday we had a new front door installed. 
it was something we had considered doing for a long time. 
i'm lucky to have a brother in the business because he was able to hook us up.
i told brandon i wanted a castle looking door with a peek-a-boo thing.
apparently the part i call a peek-a-boo is called a speakeasy in real life, but i prefer using my own made up language.

here is our old door that we don't miss.

this is the new door without the peek-a-boo installed.
brandon and his friend eddie installing the door.
they actually worked on this house together when it was being built before we ever knew it would become ours, so it was cool to have them share stories about that.

the finished product with the peek-a-boo closed
then open

we are thrilled about our new door. 
you know you are maturing when a purchase like this is just as exciting as new clothes.


  1. I think peek-a-boo is a way better name for it.

  2. I love your new door! I need one. We always discuss having a new door installed. I do not like the one we have. It has a large window in it and at night I always feel like someone is looking in, scary!

  3. cute. i love the peek-a-boo :)


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