shop time

this is the banner that's up in my shop.  nothing fancy but it's good for getting started.....
this is what you'll see if you type my shop name in the search box....
let's just say i spent several frustrating hours setting up a paypal account, getting the basics going for the shop, and photographing art.  this shop thing isn't for wimps (which is exactly what i felt like several times) maybe it's because i'm trying to cram all of it into one evening and really it could take days for such things.  i'm still stumped on little things like packaging and shipping costs.  i guess i'll be using all my free hours for the next couple days to really get this going. 
i got frustrated several times and had to call za husband in for help.
hopefully he'll forgive me for losing my temper because i really was a cranky pants.
some of you might be wondering how i came up with my shop name so if you haven't heard the story, here it is.......  one night i was out with friends and a friend made the comment "skye, you are so stylish"  
i was flattered to hear such a thing especially since i'm not sure that it's true.  
then another friend just randomly blurted out skyelish which is obviously my name plus the word stylish mixed together. 
so skye + stylish = skyelish
the idea stuck back before my first art show which was almost exactly 2 years ago and so the name was born.

*i will announce the official opening of the shop on here and facebook just as soon as it is ready.
*i decided to go with bigcartel.com
you can find me by going to that site and typing skyelish in the search or clicking the following link

now please excuse me while i stop screaming at the computer and ready myself for dreamland.  
p.s.  thanks to all of you who have given encouraging words and helped to get me to this point....you know who you are.  xoxo! 


a snails world

i am fairly certain that a snails world looks a little bit like this......full of color and happiness.
i'm glad that creating this came to my mind. 
i hope seeing it brings color and happiness to your day!


grocery shopping excitement

i wish i had my very own pumpkin patch....i really do.
maybe my pumpkin love gets old but for some reason i can't stop sharing.  it was the highlight of my night to find these small white ones at the store this evening. 
i tried to grow pumpkins once a few years ago.  all of these green leaves and vines started to sprout out of the giant pot i put those little seeds in and i was thrilled that one day i'd be harvesting big orange balls of love.  unfortunately there was some sort of catastrophe and they died.  i never tried to grow them again but i think i just might. 
on another note za husband and i got insanely excited to see honeycrisp apples at the store tonight.   
we might have done a happy dance in the produce section and maybe just maybe we came home with close to 15 apples.  if you haven't had the honeycrisp variety before try them and i promise you won't be sorry.  it just might change your life in a great way!


hold my wing

two days in a row i'm all about painting owls.  probably just a phase, but it's hard to say.  i've enjoyed painting them so much that i might not be able to stop.  yesterday i was painting a single owl on small canvases.  today it's two owls in love on a much bigger canvas.  who know's what tomorrow might bring.  i do have a couple giant canvases that are almost as tall as me so you never know what crazy idea i'll have next....an entire owl family.  aren't they precious?  i really don't know if i'll be able to sell this one.


owls and clouds

today was a day for painting.....

i love days like this.


getting bucked off the exercise ball

i love when za husband has really genius ideas.  please enjoy his most recent one...
i'm sitting at the computer.  will is standing on the other side of the desk.  he sees the exercise ball and for some odd reason decides to stand on it.  first he tries while holding on to a chair and is rather successful and staying balanced on top of the ball.  so i say....hey let me try!  i couldn't even balance for one second while holding on to the chair so i gave up.  one minute later i see him stand on the ball without holding on to anything and it flies out from under him so fast it rockets toward the hall and i hear something break and rush to his side to make sure he didn't hit his head on the desk.  he starts laughing hysterically.  then i laugh and survey the damage.  apparently his foot hit this wall plug cover thing on the way down.  so it busted into a few pieces.
he was laughing so hard while i took this picture but unfortunately refused to turn around and look at the camera.
i'm pretty sure my days would be extremely boring without him.


autumny goodness

in honor of the first day of fall we took pictures....
totally my idea of course but luckily za husband was a good sport.
i sprinkled the house with mini pumpkins and tiny paper pumpkins.
and i hung up the halloween decoration i made last year
so happy that this lovely season has officially begun according to the calendar. 
now if only i could think of a way to convince the weather to change for good.....
no more of this cooler day, hot day, nice day, scorching day stuff.
happy fall my loves!


steinway takes over

hi! my name is steinway and i am the fluffiest wildest girl you'll ever meet.
i love it when skye and will come out to visit the mom
because that means they take us for a walk and they tell us how cute we are 50 billion times.  must be true.  they also hug us like crazy which can be slightly annoying after a while.  when they first arrive and get in the gate we jump on them and shower them with kisses because that's just how the 5 of us do.  let me introduce you to my dog love and my babies....
this is boz.  he's basically my husband.  he is short but not as short as he looks in the picture.  he's quite the busybody and so loving but it almost gets annoying when he won't get out of my face.  i still love him a lot because he is the dad to our adorable grown up babies....
this is brulĂ©. 
she is insanely in love with me and i feel the same way about her.  you can always find us together when bru isn't busy climbing rocks to eat berries out of the tree.
she is quite the climber.
this is buddha.  he's a big boy that loves to pretend like he's a tiny lap dog. 
he's really sweet, so much fun, and extremely easy to love.
this is mascara.  she's a cranky girl but i love her.  she is also one of the most photogenic dogs of the group but not today as you can tell.  the queen was not feeling the camera 
except for the times that she and buddha ran with will.
i'm not so sure why the humans enjoy taking so many pictures of us.  sometimes i feel like a celebrity with paparazzi following me.
but anyway here we are and i hope you enjoy us.


adventure is out there!

my adventure partner encouraged me to paint something last night....
and since i can't resist his charm
or funny faces....
i listened.
i just started painting without any real idea in mind and then it all magically came together
a little paint turned to buttons and paper and all sorts of goodies
until i had my interpretation of UP
and not that you didn't already know this but i really love my adventure partner.


becoming organized

we have been in our house for almost five months and i have to share a little secret with you... i have yet to fully organize my closet, jewelry, art room, and countless other things.  almost every weekend i make a list of things i'm planning to get done and i'm lucky if i get 3 things checked off the list.  i was finally determined to tackle my clothes last weekend.  i am proud to say i organized everything by type of item and then each type is in rainbow order.  for instance short sleeve tees have their own section then i put them in order by color and so on.  maybe it just makes me sound ocd but either way it was nice to feel like things were in their place and it's much easier to track down outfits when i'm in a hurry.   
i also tackled all of my bags and my favorite high heels.     
if only i could find a cute way to organize the rest of my shoes
and my jewelry
so that i don't have several random piles like this lying around.
some of my necklaces have become so tangled it might take me years to get them undone. 
not sure why i do these sorts of things to myself. 
this brings me to the purpose of this post.  do any of you out there have great ideas on organizing jewelry and shoes?
i'd like to figure out a more creative way to organize them than just an average jewelry box or clunky shoe racks which are really not so efficient anyway because they just take up
a lot of room.
please pass your genius ideas my way and maybe i'll have all the motivation i need at that point to tackle these tasks.
happy weekend to you.....xo!


when a horse sneezes or clears his throat

after a nice little dinner with za husband we decided to stop at the fair before heading home.  no matter where we end up going we always have fun together.  even if our date night consists of a trip to the store.  first stop at the fair was visiting all of the adorable animals.  i walk right up to a horse and get super close to his face so i can pet him.  how does the horse tell me hello?  i say he sneezed although i'm not sure if he was sneezing or clearing his throat but either way slober, snot, chewed up hay all over my face and in my hair.  za husband thought it was really funny.  i did too after he helped me pick the last few pieces of wet hay out of my hair and off my lipgloss coated lips. the more i think about this horse's snot shooting all over me the more hilarious it is.  i had the most shocked look on my face when it happened.  no wonder will couldn't stop laughing.  oh and we also got licked by a cow.  except we asked the cow to lick us.  did you know cow tongues feel a lot like scratchy kitty tongues?  we were quite amused by it.  we are like little kids, za husband and i.  we also giggled about a couple rabbits engaging in a very adult activity.  you can't take us anywhere.
next stop was a tiger's blood shaved ice.  something i had been dreaming about for approximately 2 weeks prior to the fair.  so yummy!
we also enjoyed walking through the building to see art and photography.  i marveled at the giant pumpkins and a few amazing paintings and photographs.  i also dreamed a little about putting some of my art in the fair next year.
horse sneezes, tiger's blood, cow tongues, naughty rabbits, blue ribbon pumpkins and beautiful things.....
all the ingredients for a great date night. 


giant marshmallows & mushroom bowls

this jumbo bag of gigantic size marshmallows that za husband spotted at the store tonight was quite amusing to me.  so amusing in fact that i didn't know whether i should hug them or take a picture of them.  i did both.
i like when we find silly things like this to laugh at.  it makes that dreaded trip to the store a little bit better. 
i have to say thank you to brandi for visiting with me while we did the bowl switcheroo. 
here's a little sneak peek of my mushroom [grey] colored bowls posing so happily with their little pumpkin friends.  thanks for thinking of me my fellow latte bowl hoarder.


yours or mine?

our matress has been quite uncomfortable lately.  we are constantly waking up with sore backs.  so we decided to switch ours with the mattress in the spare room to see if it was more comfortable.  two nights on the spare room one and we still couldn't decide which was better.  they both suck.  which mattress to keep on our bed until we get a new one?  neither of us could say.  za husband got a brilliant idea and we did what any person would do when faced with such a decision.  he wrote mine and yours which signified the mattress he had and the one i had then he made me close my eyes and pick one. 
mine it is for now. 
i love his great ideas.  he makes me laugh. 
problem solved until we decide to spend lots of money on a really wonderful fancy mattress that doesn't suck. 

now join me for a hike on our favorite trail with za muzza and bruzza....

happy trails.  good night.



something about this time of year makes me feel inspired to watch ratatouille and then cook yummy things like lentil soup.
i used my usual ingredients and spices but then decided to get fancy with a dash of cinnamon, a splash of raw apple cider vinegar, and a pinch of saffron.
best lentil soup i've made to date. 
i'm not a recipe kind of person.  i just make up food ideas in my head and then each time i cook something i'll switch it up a little more until it is perfect.  this lentil soup was just that, perfect. 
i'm adoring the change in the air outside.  in honor of that change we decided to make a little change around our house.  we overhauled our pantry and fridge.
we were never complete junk eaters, but the more we have researched such things the more we felt inclined to change.  some things are obvious but other ingredient lists you really have to read. we were shocked to discover how many regular items which seemed relatively healthy were actually horrible.  i think za husband just might be leaning a little towards my vegetarian ways.  we'll see.  so after a long trip to the store which involved reading every single label and a good amount of time weeding out certain items from our fridge and pantry we are set.

i was completely overjoyed to bring our first pumpkin of the year home from the store.  
last year our house was overflowing with pumpkins because i wanted plenty of them at our wedding so every time we went to the store we'd get a few.  we had big orange ones, big white ones and all sorts of baby pumpkins.  i was in heaven. 
maybe i'll go pumpkin crazy again this year too.