This little girl is the best....

She is so cute and so sweet! 
She makes my day, especially when I catch her posing for pictures like this.
Oh Brulé I could just eat you up.


he is creative

I love my husband for a billion reasons.
Reason #329,586
He makes me laugh.  Not just any laugh but the kind where your face hurts from smiling so hard and you start crying.  He did just that today.  He is witty at the best moments. 
Reason #501,627
After he makes me laugh he writes and illustrates a little book about it.

Behold the story of a starfish that teaches a crab to stay warm on cold days by doing jumping jacks sideways while clicking her claws.


Yes I am the crab and he is the starfish.
It's hilarious!
Or maybe you just had to be there.


head in the clouds

We were much like Mascara today.................
pretty lazy which was perfect.
We don't do lazy quite as cute as she does.
We lived in the clouds all day.
It was beautiful.



Today we feel like this.......

After lots of days of bad news we finally received some good news and we feel extremely fortunate.
[yes Brandi it is what you are thinking but shhhh]


love night celebration

Our early love night celebration started by getting fancied up.

my lip earrings

favorite boots

and all

here is my handsome date

first we had a photo shoot

Then we went out for delightful food and conversation. 
A big part of the conversation was discussing what we might do for my upcoming birthday.
Will asked and I mentioned a few things that would be great. 
Birthdays are kind of a big deal in my opinion. 
The one that is coming up in a couple months is especially a big deal because it's the dirty thirty.
There are some pretty good ideas we've come up with. 
Could possibly involve Disneyland, or some sort of party at a special place, it's hard to decide.
Last night I had a dream that we went to Disneyland so maybe I really will pick that.
I kind of hope that I pick the happiest place on earth.
To answer your question Brandi, my favorite place in town is Mattina's.  The italian restaurant downtown. 
That is where we dined this evening. 

no need to mope

Although Will and I have had our fair share of bad days over the last couple weeks we are learning that it's okay to be happy and have fun despite the current trials and stress.  Today we did just that.  We took the next couple days off work to get the rest of our stuff boxed up, moved, and get settled in our temporary home.  In between the moving we took the hot rod out for errands and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  That poor car has been collecting dust in the garage during the winter.  We fell in love with her all over again today. 

Packing/moving isn't fun but we had a lovely day anyway.  Tonight we are going to celebrate with an early Valentine's Day dinner at my favorite place.  We will be too busy on the 14th to really celebrate.  How fun!!!  Our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.


work can be fun or funny

As most of you know I got married 3 months ago.  A couple weeks after our wedding a lovely friend of mine asked if I ever received the gift she sent to my office.  I never got it.  We both work at the hospital and she used a reliable hospital wide delivery system to send this little package my way.  The gift was placed in an inner-office envelope and taken to the mail room for distribution.  A person from each department is designated to check their mailbox daily, I am the checker for my department. It kinda reminds me of grade school when you decorate a valentine box and with great anticipation watch as you accumulate love notes over the days....except not quite that fun.
My friend was concerned that I didn't receive the gift, as was I, so both of us set out to search for this package.  No luck.  She went ahead and told me the contents of this missing envelope.  I was so sad to think of this cute lost gift.  We both assumed that somebody snagged the package and I'd never see it. 
Now that so much time has passed I rarely think of my long lost present.  Well guess what.....yesterday a doctor that works in the emergency room stopped me in the hall to tell me she found something that belongs to me.  Apparently my missing gift took up residence in the emergency room for the last 3 months.  I have no idea why or how it ended up there since the envelope clearly stated my name and department.  I'm just glad this awesome surprise finally got to me.  It made my day rather fun!

In closing I'd like to share a wonderful picture which captures the funniest moment from work today....
[i love how his veins are popping out in his head because he's laughing so hard]

Will and I went on a break together.  Something really funny happened.  It was an embarrassing moment for a stranger that we witnessed.  We got a horrible case of the giggles which we tried our hardest to disguise in hopes that we wouldn't cause any further embarrassment to the poor guy.  The situation reminded me of the times I'd get the giggles in church and try my best not to cause a scene, but usually did end up causing a scene.  Well we did just that.  The poor guy saw us laughing but luckily he was a good sport and joked about it.  We laughed until we couldn't breathe, our tummies hurt, and tears were streaming down our face.  It was the best!!!   


riddle me this

I've been noticing that even when Will and I get new toothbrushes at the same time his looks way more worn than mine after a couple weeks.  I never brought it up until the other night.  I went to Will and said....riddle me this {while holding up both toothbrushes}
Why does mine look like this.......

And yours looks like this..........

We both started laughing hysterically.  Once the laughter subsided Will explained that he likes to chew on his toothbrush while brushing and then he demonstrated. 
It was the funniest thing ever.  Maybe you just had to be there.  All along I thought he brushed too hard or I didn't brush hard enough.  Nope.  He just likes to chew on it.

And yes Will does have the bright pink toothbrush.  Only because I whined about having the green one since green is my favorite color.  I usually get my way because I have an awesome husband.  An awesome husband that chews on his toothbrush.


it's baaaaack!

After an unfortunate accident where a few inches were accidently chopped off my mutant fern by the man I love, it returned.  A couple weeks went by without further growth and I thought my days of talking about the wild fern were over.  I'm very happy to announce that it's back and better than ever...

I hope it doesn't get too upset when I go to untangle it from the blinds and move it this week.

In other news I'd like to share a couple things that I love....

I love these two people....

And I love the way Shayne told me that his shirt says chick magnet when we went to a family dinner over the weekend....

What do you love?


ding dong....

How special do we feel?  Really special!  Why do we feel so special?  Because a few minutes ago we heard the doorbell and Will went to get the door but nobody was there.  In place of a person was this container full of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies and the most adorable card.  I hope you don't mind Brandi that I'm showing the card.  I couldn't help myself because it is so cute and perfect.

Thank you to the Jacobs family for making our day and making us feel loved!!!!!
Now excuse me while I go have a cookie.  That is if Will hasn't devoured them already.  Not smart that I left him unattended with those gems.

  P.S. I'd like to know who the awesome runner is in your family?  We got to the door right after the doorbell rang and there wasn't a person in sight.  So, whoever dropped those off should look into being an olympic athlete. Will saw you parked out there but by the time we put shoes on you were gone. 



I'd like to start this post by saying WELCOME to my new followers.  It's so cool to have you along for the ride and hopefully if we aren't already friends we can become friends!  It's always nice to find great new people who are out there in this big crazy world.  Especially at a time like this when I am faced with people that seem to be pure evil.  I will never understand those that appear to get a sick pleasure out of hurting the ones they should love the most.  I am very blessed to have my wonderful husband, my amazing family, and my great friends.  I feel so loved because all of you have been supportive during this rough time.  Thank you times a million.  This picture was taken last night as we met up with a great group of people for dinner.  It was a couple hours that Will and I were able to escape our current reality and just enjoy ourselves.  Thank you for the laughs!

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein


this too shall pass

I am a believer that the trials you are given in this life are never more than you can handle.  However, the past couple days have made me think otherwise.

The few things that kept me going today were:
*the love my husband and I share
*encouraging loving supportive words from family, friends,
  and co-workers
*embarrassing stories that a person at work shared with me
  which made me laugh a bunch
*reminding myself that it could always be worse
*reminding myself that I survived the death of my father which
  was the worst thing ever

So as my dad always said.......this too shall pass.
I hope soon.  Very very soon.

Oh and one other thing that kept me going was seeing these two cars kiss when Will took me out to dinner.


little grumpasaurus rex

Tonight I had to apologize for being a

to my husband.
Yes it's true.  Skye the sweet innocent wonderful wife was a grumpasaurus tonight. 
Poor guy didn't deserve it.  We had a wildly stressful evening.  I took my stress out on him like I tend to do. 
After being ridiculous for about 30 minutes I came to the realization that we have each other and after all....that is the most important thing. 
So I said sorry.  He said I love you.  I said I love you.  Then I said we are all we have.  He agreed.  So we did this

Which reminded me of this weekend when I made up a game called giggly lips.
Giggly lips is a silly little game which made us laugh until we cried. 
Which doesn't make much sense because it really isn't that funny at all.
But it doesn't take much for us.

After a smooch we washed away our stress with a cup of tea like this

and yes those are cute little critters that live in our teacups. 
I opted for the giraffe this evening and Will had the zebra. 
the end.