i did it

Last night I sat down in my art room with a little hesitation and began playing with paint.  I had no idea how to use all the tools but after a couple hours of trial and error and correcting........

my first gem of a painting was born.


missing piece found

Yesterday we had lots of fun in Hackberry at Devin and Rita's. 

We practiced being parents.......

We drove on wild trails in the ranger at dusk..............

We enjoyed family time......

all of us except for Talan I guess.

We went for a walk.........

We fed a horse.............

I spent a good amount of my time playing with the little kids at their request........

and this little lady got to wear something of mine that sparkles quite a bit which of course made her day....

Will spent most of his time outside playing a game similar to horseshoes...i believe it's called washoes.  It was like the guys didn't even exist all day and even into the night......

I drove Will crazy by taking ten billion pictures like this.....
(guess it was my way of making up for not taking many on thanksgiving)

It was a very fun day, especially since I could share it with the piece of my puzzle that was missing all those years before.


feast day

My mom made a delicious Thanksgiving feast.  That's Brandon's mountain of food he enjoyed.  I didn't partake of any turkey since it's not my thing but the rest of the food was the best.  I would have to even  compare it taste wise to the fine dining experience Will and I had at Hanks on our honeymoon.  Yes....it was that good.  My mom is a master chef. 

We had a fun day of relaxing, laughing, and playing with these lovely creatures:

Boz and Buddha patiently waited for a bite of the bird.

Mascara wanted to know why I was peeking through the doggie door and taking pictures.

I managed to get this close up of her sweet eye.

Sadly I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked.  Too busy being lazy I guess.  There was a moment I really wish I would have had my camera with me, to document Brule's attempt of climbing from the couch to the chair I was reclined in.  Apparently it wasn't enough that I was reaching over and petting her.  She would have preferred to be on my lap in the chair and she is not lap dog size.  She is so cute.  I didn't get any pictures of her because she spent most of the day obsessing over this stuffed toy we call her baby.  She treats it just like it's a teeny puppy that she needs to constantly care for and if one of the other dogs gets to close to it she will let them know with the most intense deep growl.  My mom has to take it away from her sometimes just so she will eat and act normal around the others.  I just love her!  Next time I go to my moms I'll have to get a picture of her with her baby.

We finished off the day with a trip to Laughlin where we watched New Moon and completely enjoyed it!


painting dreams will be coming true

Over the last few months I've had this major urge to create wonderful paintings.  Will keeps encouraging me to make it happen but I fill his ears with excuses....lots of them: 
I don't have time.
I don't have all the supplies and I'm sure they are way too expensive. 
What if the paintings aren't as wonderful as I imagine them in my head.

Luckily that wonderful husband of mine finally put his foot down, took me to the store, and got me a beginner set of painting supplies. 
I love that he believes in me so much. 
Maybe one day I'll believe in myself as much as he does in me. 


shine your shoes

Today we put on our church shoes

and had a lovely day!



Last night I had a dream about this pretty girl.....

In the dream she was able to talk to me.  It wasn't cartoon style it was more like her thoughts were completely heard and understood by my brain and vice versa. 
I think I had the dream for two reasons.  First one being I have always truly believed that Brule' understands the things I say more than the other dogs.  She has always had this great wisdom about her.  It's like she fully understands the words you say to her and you can tell by the way she acts or the way she looks at you with these amazing eyes.

I bonded with Brule' literally moments after she was born.  Out of a litter of 8 I instantly picked her and held her as much as possible.

(that brown one there is Brule')

  I don't get to see her as much now since she lives with my mom but we still have a wonderful relationship.  Anyway I have been thinking about this dream all day and I'm pretty sure I have figured out the other reason Brule' was communicating with me.  You see after my dads death 8 years ago a grief counselor I was seeing suggested my mom and I get pets.  This is when our fur family began.
 My mom and I got 2 adorable balls of fluff which we named Steinway and Denali. 
Steinway (the black one) was my moms little girl and Denali (the white one) was mine. 

We loved these wild ones with all of our hearts.  They went everywhere with us and helped us heal during the worst time of our lives.  The two of them were a team. 

Denali was the leader and Steinway followed along with everything Denali suggested.  Six months after we got them Denali's life on this earth was cut short.  It was a devastating time for all of us...especially me and Steinway.  For those people who think dogs don't understand time or complex feelings....you are wrong.  Steinway truly mourned the loss of Denali.  She whined constantly, stoped playing, didn't want to eat, and at times when she has that distant look in her eye I still believe she thinks of Denali. 
We had to get a new friend for Steinway since she was so depressed.  That is when Boz came into our lives.  After time Boz and Steinway had babies.  Brule', Buddha, and Mascara are the 3 babies we kept.  Here is the fur family of 5.

Anyway when Brule' was little I felt inspired to write a small book.  The story involves Denali and Brule'.  This has been a project I have neglected after it's beginning a few years ago.  I think the other reason Bru was in my dream was to remind me that this book is amazing and needs to be finished and published.  So thank you to my pretty girl for communicating this to me every time I am with you and now even in my dreams.