the mysterious black mark

i felt like a mom today.  a mom that walks into her child attacking that private stash of makeup she owns.

exhibit a

exhibit b
bru had this strange black mark on her face tonight.  i still can't figure out what it is even after a search of the yard and house.  it's not makeup but it just reminded me of one of those scenarios.  she cracks me up.  i couldn't stop laughing at her silly face and showering her with kisses because of her cuteness.   


turtles = love

Once upon a time in the dating days Will got me a big stuffed turtle that looks similar to this one...
except the one he got me was blue and we named him Watson. 
I slept with my arms around Watson for many nights.
The other day we were browsing the gift shop at work and we came across a stuffed turtle with a baby turtle in a pouch on its back. 
Will's reaction when he spotted the little critter was priceless.
I'm still imitating his reaction and we laugh about it. 
After lunch today Will asked me to follow him to his desk because he had something there for me.
He had me close my eyes and I opened them to find this....
the cute stuffed turtle with a baby turtle in a pouch on it's back. 
I love little surprises like this and I love that Will understands and appreciates my little kid side.


write it down

meet my journal
it is a lovely book full of lovely stories.
recently i was feeling bad that i had yet to finish writing about our wedding. 
so over the course of the last few days i've been writing all the little details i can think of in hopes to keep that wonderful day fresh in my memory. 
last night i asked my dear husband if he would like to write a little in there about our special day.
i wasn't sure if he would do it but he did and he made my night.
the things he wrote completely melted my heart.
yet another reason for me to love him and be so happy about what happened on



we haven't lost our muchness...

but sometimes we lose our minds and do silly things or take silly pictures like this....

we bought carrots to feed
our horse friend and we had some
fun with the carrots on the way

marks the spot

he loved getting treats and we loved giving them. 

we like to make spontaneous trips to see alice in wonderland in 3D

and drink coke out of glass bottles.
good thing i have a muscle man of a husband!
he was able to pry off the lid with my keys, bending
 the key in the process.
he was my hero in that moment.

i loved finding this frame while we bounced around antique shops today. 
i could have bought tons of things in there but this was an absolute treasure

kind of like he is an absolute treasure to me.


things to smile about

Here are a few things that have made me smile lately:

watching boz guard his dog food dish

taking mini hikes with my sidekick after work

kissing this pretty face daily

sneaking a picture of him when he least expects it
also hearing the stories he told that day on our way home from work

finding mistletoe on our hike

seeing this shot from our wedding 3 different ways and loving
each edit so much i can barely stand it.


imaginary dog sled

It was a sunshiney perfect day. How better to enjoy the pretty weather than take the dogs for a walk    right?  For those of you who don't know, we have 5 huskies.  They are intense, intellegent, wonderful, and extremely naughty on walks.  Once upon a time I was walking two of the naughties when they saw a little squirrel and pulled me down a hill.  I did a flip in the air and landed on my side.  It resulted in a huge bruise, a shoulder injury, and an ankle injury that still hurts from a couple years ago.  I forgave them because they are so adorable.  This afternoon my mom was their victim.  She had Steinway and Boz.  I had Bru.  Will had Maskie and Buddha.  All was great until they spotted the neighbor dogs.  They wanted to be super friendly and play with the dogs and a nearby horse.  So what did they do?  They pulled like crazy.  Luckily I was able to control mine and Will was able to control his but my poor mom wasn't so lucky.  She slid on her feet for a while and then fell on her bum and slid on that while they continued to pull until Will could get ahold of one and I could get the other.  Some may ask....why didn't she just let go?  Well lets just say we are insanely obsessed with these lovely babies and it would break our hearts to lose one to some sort of accident so we just hang on and hope for the best.  Some may say....why don't you train them?  They are very well mannered in all sorts of ways except for when they see a critter.  Any husky owner would probably understand.  Not only are they made to pull but they seem to let peer pressure get the best of them.  One does something and the rest have to do it.  After the panic subsided  and we got control of  the wild ones we laughed.  In fact we are still laughing.  I keep replaying the scene in my head and it makes me burst out in laughter.  Poor mom.  At least she just has a sore bum.  I was tempted to walk back to the scene of the crime and snap pictures of her skid marks but got too tired by the time I made it home to my camera.  However I did get a picture of each of the wild ones responsible for this little accident.

Handsome guy Boz

Pretty girl Steinway with her victim


a peacock in the street

This is what our Saturday morning looked like.....
the husband lifting weights outside on the deck

and the doggies playing with their new toys.

This is what our Saturday afternoon/evening looked like...
While driving from one party to the next we saw a peacock in the road just hanging out...it was such a strange sight that I had Will turn around to take a picture...it's not every day you see a peacock in the road.

Here we are at his moms 50th birthday party.
The party started at a wine bar...i enjoyed taking pictures of all the fancy wine bottles and quirky art.

an interesting day for sure.



I didn't realize how much I missed working on my art until last night.  I was recently commisioned to do a piece.  Originally I declined because my supplies are in storage while we are in a temporary residence.  Finally I agreed to do it but whined most of the way since I didn't have the right space or supplies to work.  Luckily my dear husband didn't let me give up.  He encouraged me when my first attempt didn't turn out anything like I had planned.  My mind seemed frozen and unable to think creatively.  Then suddenly it all came together. 

It reminded me just how much I've missed working on projects. 
It's really fun to see the persons reaction when they come to pick it up. 
A little nerve wracking but mostly rewarding.


i love that this is what our drive home looked like yesterday...

i love that we come home to these 5 beauties each day...

i love that this is the view out the front door...

i love that i find random love notes like this in my phone from Will...

and yes we like to call each other poop because we are just silly like that.



The husband and I decided it was time for a miniature vacation yesterday. 
Off we went to Vegas for shopping and fun. 
He spoiled me. 
I felt like a princess. 
We went to my favorite stores. 
I realized once again that Will is so generous and selfless. 
I could take a lesson or two from him. 
After stopping at a few of my stores we went to get some things for him. 
We had a great day together. 
Here are some of my gems from our trip.

Thank you Anthropologie for having these adorable coasters and new colors of latte bowls and a dress that Will said he HAD to buy me because he loves how it looks on me.  He is the best!

Today we had a different kind of adventure. 
We went for a drive to explore the mountains while it snowed. 
I think I made Will crazy by being a back seat driver.  
Luckily he put up with my moments of panic as we were perched on slippery hillsides.


I'm so happy that I have the best adventure partner in the world.


drink me

Tonight we decided to go on a little journey

These are the supplies we needed for our trip.....
thank you ring leader bag for always helping me out.

We fell down the rabbits hole.....it was magical!



I am happy to report that my mutant fern has settled in quite nicely to it's new temporary home. 
That extra long part which used to wrap itself in the blinds at our previous home keeps growing. 
Now there is a new piece sprouting up that seems to want to be long and crazy.
I can't wait to see how wild this fern gets each day.

This weekend we plan to be.......

What a week this has been.
It'll be nice to get a little lost.