a few videos

if you follow me on instagram (skyewe) these videos are old news but i know some of you don't and i wouldn't want you to miss any cuteness so here you go....
a quick trip to the grocery store meant ever wasn't subjected to sitting in the cart and she was really happy about it.  the click clack noise of her shoes kills me along with her expressions.  it is hard to explain but i couldn't stop smiling over her determined face and how busy she was.  you would have thought she was the adult just grabbing a few groceries.  her favorite purchase was a blueberry vanilla greek frozen yogurt.  what we call ice cream she calls "cold".  yaya taught her all about cold and it is their favorite snack to enjoy together.  

here she is reading wuthering heights.....this version.

running in the rocks and seeing the kitties while doing so makes her very happy as you can see.  


portrait a week 25/52
we have a lion living in our house now.  
basically when she sees this hat she wants to have it on and it doesn't come off until she is good and ready.


24/52 and her papa

(can't wait to print this picture and hang it in our home...i love it)
portrait a week 24/52
a few days ago i bravely decided to let ever paint.  with a garbage bag taped to the floor and ever in a diaper colors began to fly.  she used the paintbrushes a little but preferred to step in the paint then on the canvas or just rub her little hands all over the colors furiously.  by her reaction i was basically the best mom in the world for letting her make such a beautiful mess.  she was thrilled about my idea for her to make this for father's day.  the next day i caught her painting on the floor with food.  i have created a little art monster.  

i wish i would have recorded ever proudly handing will her masterpiece and his reaction.  will couldn't wait to  hang this in his office at work.  based on his reaction it was the best gift in the world.  

ever typically isn't very cuddly...she is a busy lady and would rather be running around than cuddling.  but lately, especially on father's day the cuddles for her papa came out in full force.  every day she puts her head down on his shoulder hugs him repeatedly and pats his back with her little hand.  it is the cutest thing to witness.  
she loves her papa something fierce and the feeling is most definitely mutual.



portrait a week....23/52 
i got ever her first swimsuit.  she thought it was the best thing in the world.  she did the cutest poses and had the most excited expressions.  she looked in the mirror and said pretty then promptly ran outside to get dirty and collect rocks.



portrait a week 
ever on her way to a party. 


the ever show

the latest on this 14 month old

ever insists upon wearing her sunglasses around the house these days.  she tries to put them on herself but usually can't quite do it so she comes up to me and hands them over for some assistance.  she decided in order to play this morning she would need to wear sunglasses.  what is even better is that as soon as i put them on her she runs to the mirror and is quite pleased with herself.

i'm always catching ever trying to eat paper.  as you can see from this picture here she has a tiny piece of paper on her lip while kicking back on her papa.  relaxing like a boss!

she likes to play dress up already....sometimes it is a scarf, like in these pictures or occasionally i'll find her wearing one of my shirts or a sports bras.  no matter what it is she goes to the mirror and says pretty.

ever is always a stylish character.  here she is dressed up with blue smile thanks to a blueberry smoothie, an iphone cord as a mouth accessory.  the look is completed with mismatched pajamas and a random box she considers to be a toy.    

this is a recent favorite shot of her.  each evening we try to let her run off some energy because she is full of it.  the only problem with this is she knows no limits.  she takes off running and refuses to hold our hands.  when i do hold her hand she immediately sits down and says no no no.  when we take her inside after lots of play she throws the biggest fits.  if she falls and gets hurt outside (which has happened twice this week) she might cry for a moment then gets up and takes off running again.  she is too busy to be hurt.   
oh and you'll always see her with a rock in each hand.  if she drops one she finds another.  i cannot even tell you how many random rocks i find in the house each day.  i smile every time i find one because i think it is incredibly cute.

a few night ago my mom watched ever while we went out for a quick date.  they went several places together including the cemetery.  it was ever's first time at my dads resting spot.    

i thought these pictures were beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

i recently walked up to this scene, only ever was lying on top of the pile originally.  poor pellegrino.  he is the absolute best kitty for always putting up with ever's nonsense.  he really loves ever and she really loves him.  the other day she was pulling on pellegrino and i got after her and told her she needed to be nice.  now whenever she pets him she says nice.  such a smart sweet girl.