a few videos

if you follow me on instagram (skyewe) these videos are old news but i know some of you don't and i wouldn't want you to miss any cuteness so here you go....
a quick trip to the grocery store meant ever wasn't subjected to sitting in the cart and she was really happy about it.  the click clack noise of her shoes kills me along with her expressions.  it is hard to explain but i couldn't stop smiling over her determined face and how busy she was.  you would have thought she was the adult just grabbing a few groceries.  her favorite purchase was a blueberry vanilla greek frozen yogurt.  what we call ice cream she calls "cold".  yaya taught her all about cold and it is their favorite snack to enjoy together.  

here she is reading wuthering heights.....this version.

running in the rocks and seeing the kitties while doing so makes her very happy as you can see.  


  1. She's furious just like Mask, that's why she loves Mask. :) Yaya wants some Ever and "cold" time on your kitchen floor!

  2. Such cute videos of Ever!! I love the sound of her tip tap shoes too!!!


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