24/52 and her papa

(can't wait to print this picture and hang it in our home...i love it)
portrait a week 24/52
a few days ago i bravely decided to let ever paint.  with a garbage bag taped to the floor and ever in a diaper colors began to fly.  she used the paintbrushes a little but preferred to step in the paint then on the canvas or just rub her little hands all over the colors furiously.  by her reaction i was basically the best mom in the world for letting her make such a beautiful mess.  she was thrilled about my idea for her to make this for father's day.  the next day i caught her painting on the floor with food.  i have created a little art monster.  

i wish i would have recorded ever proudly handing will her masterpiece and his reaction.  will couldn't wait to  hang this in his office at work.  based on his reaction it was the best gift in the world.  

ever typically isn't very cuddly...she is a busy lady and would rather be running around than cuddling.  but lately, especially on father's day the cuddles for her papa came out in full force.  every day she puts her head down on his shoulder hugs him repeatedly and pats his back with her little hand.  it is the cutest thing to witness.  
she loves her papa something fierce and the feeling is most definitely mutual.


  1. Such a cute painting. Ever is such a sweet little girl. :)

  2. I love how she looks like the "mad" artistic painter...she's so cute squatted down and furious...she's just amazing!


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