fresh and yummy

if you've never had food from this fine establishment do yourself a favor and try it out.
maybe i'm obsessed because of my vegetarian ways but even that carnivorous husband of mine enjoyed some meaty options from the menu.
everything is so fresh and yummy it's hard to choose what to eat so guess what we did yesterday....
ordered too much and then brought home leftovers.
oh and the decor/vibe is pretty great too.

oh how i wish we had one of these in town.  i guess a trip to flagstaff is in order whenever i need a fix. 


  1. I was about to say... you guys have Pita Jungle now? Still, I didn't know there was one in Flagstaff either. I can remember when there was only one in Tempe and now I guess it's spread like crazy. Yay, I love that place.

  2. lisa i wish we had one here. i would be in heaven!


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