blossoms and bees

our accidental pumpkin plant has really taken off.
it has stretched way further across the yard than i thought possible and its latest trick is these giant flowers that open in the morning and close in the evening. 
i was mesmerized by the bees playing in the flowers the last few mornings so i had to take lots of pictures of them.

i've been a little bummed that we have yet to see pumpkins but after doing a little online research i discovered the bees are a really good sign. 
the bees collect pollen from the male flowers which are the ones they are currently obsessed with, then they transfer the pollen to the female flowers and pumpkins should start to appear. 
so i am anxiously awaiting the arrival of pumpkins.
hopefully they decide to appear with this first bloom, although sometimes they don't according to the internet.
oh and bees are magical if you really think about it.


  1. Bees are magical and so are accidental pumpkin plants! These are all good signs I say!!!

  2. I think this could have been a perfect transition into birds and bees creating baby lentils... ;)


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