flashback friday #24

today my friend kacee brought in a little pile of old pictures of herself and other members of her family.  i have a love of old photos, especially ones of my own family members, but even those of strangers and friends intrigue me.  i guess this goes along with my love of old buildings and really any item of a substantial age.  everyone has a story and looking at photos from years gone by helps to piece together a persons story i may not have been present for.  there is a stack of photos that i inherited after my grandmothers passing in 2004,  some from when i was a child but others dating as far back as the 1920's.  i consider them all prized possesions, treasures that take me back to days i vaguely remember and days i never knew.  i could easily share the entire stack right away just because i adore them so much but today i've narrowed it down to a few of my grandparents, my dad's parents, audley and florene mcdaniel.
*go ahead and ignore the fact that these aren't such great quality because i took pictures of pictures.

newspaper clipping announcing their 50th wedding anniversary, circa 1985
early 1930's
my grandpa in the navy
favorite part of the picture is that it is signed love, audley
which leads me to believe he sent this to my grandma.
not exactly sure where or when this was taken.
there are some pretty amazing notes written on several of the pictures including dates and other random tidbits, unfortunately not all of them.  i am not sure who wrote on them but i'm fairly certain it wasn't my grandma.
i believe this was taken in colorado, late seventies.
october 1963 
following shots of my grandmother have ranging dates
1960's - 1980's according to my best guesses

this one of her fishing gets me every time.  she looks so happy.

the last three photos were taken in california, march 1985, at their 50th wedding anniversary party.  i remember bits and pieces of that trip we took to celebrate with them.  
it is not until this time in my life that i can appreciate the significance of that occasion. 
they look so sweet and in love.

sadly my grandpa passed the following year.  it was an occasion i remember rather well considering my age. 
we spent a lot of time with my grandma during her grieving process.  i know she had said something to my dad about how just having my brother (4) and i (almost 6) around brought her much needed joy during that difficult time.  i can remember handing her tissues every time she cried, and feeling like i was doing the most important job in the world.  i wish i could have known my grandpa better but thankfully i have these pictures and many others to remind me of him. 

the nostalgia that washes over me each time i look at all the old photos is rather hard to describe.
i adore having these moments in time. 

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