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originally i was going for a more abstract colorful patterned painting.  after not being thrilled by the end result i consulted with my biggest fan....za husband.  we decided it needed a little something extra so that's where the xo came into play.  i had done similar xo artwork over 3 years ago for a friend, but it was mixed media (paper, wire, ink, etc).  when thinking about what i should add to this painting, the mixed media piece came to mind and helped me make a decision.
i really love how it turned out.

then...there's the sea of love...
this is actually a smaller repeat of a painting i did last year.
i had a couple requests and made it happen.  although after recreating this, i remembered why i never wanted to do another.  because of that i'm considering having prints made. 
what are your thoughts?
i've always loved the fact that each painting i created was original.
there would never be another exactly like it. 
however on several occasions i have been asked to repeat a previous painting. 
would it be wise for me to consider having high quality prints made of my work or is original the way to go? 
i'd love to know your thoughts on the matter.

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  1. I definitely think there's a benefit to doing both originals and prints. Prints give people an opportunity to have a piece of artwork that they love for less cost than an original.


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