escape vehicle

the scene around here as of late goes as follows....
sun is setting a.k.a. not ridiculously hot, take bike out for a spin and fall in love with it all over again.
meet za husband while on my bike ride then say i'll race him back to the house.  pretty sure i never stand a chance when he's in his truck.
i rendezvous with him back at the house and we take our bikes around the various streets and trails.
i am completely in love with the sunset so i end up taking pictures instead of pedaling.

then i see the moon and try to capture it's magnificence with my camera but it never turns out as good as it is in real life.

i'm seriously loving the evening bike rides.  so much so that my bike has become the escape vehicle of choice.
let me tell you a silly secret...
the other night za husband and i were arguing about something.  instead of continuing to discuss the issues at hand i jumped up, grabbed my ipod, and hightailed it to the garage.  will looks at me a little shocked and asks what i'm doing.  i respond with....i need to go ride my bike.  he asks if i want company and i say....no (all cranky like).  those moments as i cruised away from the house, i felt kind of like a child.  a child who was mad at their parents and had something to prove.  the overly independent 5 year old came out as i pedaled off into the sunset.  once i got a couple streets away it felt as if the afraid of the dark 5 year old came out and i rushed back to the house.  all was well between us after a few minutes and i couldn't help but laugh at myself after the fact. 

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