hold my marshmallow

so my mom and i are driving back from bullhead this afternoon.  we had an important reason to go there and then decided to make a quick stop at target before heading home.  i should have never gone there while hungry because all of the sudden everything in the snack aisles at target seemed wonderful.  we get the necessary items and some snacks then go about our merry way home.  as i'm trying to negotiate an intersection and eating a chocolate covered marshmallow heart will calls on my phone.  i answer the phone then blurt out to my mom...."hold my marshmallow!"  maybe not the funniest thing in the world but will's puzzled reaction on the other end of the phone along with the giggles my mom and i always tend to get turned into an all out uncontrollable laughfest.  will cracks up because my mom and i are laughing so hysterically.  i could barely see to drive because tears were filling up my eyes.  we both had mascara running down our faces.  we could hardly catch our breath.  i was wheezing as i was laughing.....also known as helicopter laugh to all of us.  it was absolute insanity and it continued for a good portion of that 40 minute drive home.  just as we calmed down...we'd start back up again.  moments like those are some of my favorites.

this is us attempting to document our mascara stained ridiculous faces.

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  1. I loved laughing until our belly's, head, and eyes hurt...we had hurty mascara stinging eyes, and it was totally worth it. I think Baby E encourages our crazy behavior. I love you


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