decorating e's room

over the weekend we finally had some time to get a little work done on e's room. 
upon first moving into the house we knew right away the pink trim in one of the bedrooms had to go whether a baby girl was part of our future or not. 
we just aren't pink people so gray was the new color of choice.

goodbye pink.
hello gray.
the kewpie doll print is something vintage we picked up in jerome many months ago, before we knew our baby girl was part of the plan.  i've always had a thing for kewpie dolls and i have a small collection that i'm excited to share with our little doll.

early on in the pregnancy i found these super cute prints on zulily and knew they'd be perfect for her room. 
i still have another one to frame and add to the wall once we get the frame painted, but so far i'm loving the 5 that are hanging up.

the other art in her room are paintings i've done.
the only one that was specifically for her was the owl family which was used to announce our big news a few months back.  the rest of them were ones i never wanted to part with and now i'm glad i didn't because they seem perfect in her room. 
we still have quite a bit to work on before her room is really ready, but i adore the mix of things that have come together so far. 


  1. Those little animal prints are SO cute. I hope I can find everything I need for your mobile and get it done this weekend.

  2. Such an adorable nursery! I am a huge fan of gray. And how exciting that you're having a little girl! They are so much fun. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for entering my giveaway over at Bridget's blog! Hope you're the big winner :) Happy new year!

  3. I LOVE it. Maybe when you are a stay at home mom, you should be an interior decorator on the side, and practice at my house. :)


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