celebrating brandon

we went out to dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday last night. 
without sharing too much i must say i'm thankful for the following....
*that will can remain calm and be helpful in an emergency situation (because i certainly can't).
*that everything worked out just fine.
*that we are all here to enjoy another day....slightly traumatized but alive.
*that i have a brother who i love and admire in so many ways.
happy birthday brandon....now it's time to have a real fun celebration completely unlike the one last night, because making it 30 years in this world is truly something to celebrate!


  1. hmmmm, mysterious...What ever it was I'm grateful he is ok:)

  2. I love how you word things...I love Will my hero, I love you and "E", and I love Brandon, and I am so grateful that he is okay. I also love my "doctor" connections...having the red sea parted in the ER is pretty cool. :)


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