seeing baby e in 3D

keeping up with her true fashion she was a stubborn baby today for the ultrasound. 
every moment of it was still so magical to me though. 
seeing her sweet little face and tiny hands and feet.
these pictures are pretty self explanatory but i'll still tell you about each one.
here is her beautiful face. 
she wasn't much for staying still or being in the right position to get a good shot.
my mom says she looks like my dad in this one.

this is her adorable tiny foot. 
i want to kiss it.

here is her fist. 
i think this was the point she threatened to punch us because she didn't want to be bothered any longer.

her profile. 
she looks so sweet and content.

this is a blurry picture of her face with either a foot or hand coming up to her face. 
from very early on we noticed she likes to have a hand up by her face but this time we saw she liked having a foot up there too. 
flexible little yoga baby.

we did see her suck on her fingers once which i really enjoyed.
every little move she made fascinated me.
after cooperating for a bit she turned over and refused to give us more pictures. 
stubborn like her mom and dad i guess.


  1. She looks so sweet! I love the foot picture, precious! Just a short time before you kiss those tender cheeks and perfect toes! I am so excited for you :)


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