fable and olive's birth

 so now we are to the part where fable and olive are born.  not that i had a bad experience with the
c section last time...this experience was just different in good ways.  in one way it was nice to know what to expect since i'd been through it before but at the same time that can also make you more nervous.  i told will prior to going to the hospital that i was nervous about two things as far as the c section goes...the spinal block and possibly vomiting again after being strapped down to the table.  luckily i was fortunate to have a phenomenal anesthesiologist.  he was really informative plus he cared to know what concerns i might have before i was taken back to be cut open.  when i explained my vomit situation from last time he assured me that he'd make sure i didn't experience that again.  my situation last time was due to a drop in blood pressure and the second he noticed my blood pressure dropping he administered medication that prevented me from getting sick.  as far as the spinal block...last time i had an electric shock feeling go down one side of my body when the needle was inserted in my back.  i didn't have anything like that this time.  
there were a couple other things that impressed me about this doctor which i'll get to as the story unfolds.  
last time i was wheeled back to the operating room.  this time i walked there which was nice.  i was strangely calm.  i walked into the cold room and sat on the table.  the anesthesiologist informed me that he is a twin which i thought was cool.  it's been interesting to learn how many people are twins...i notice it so much more now.  i feel like everything was in fast forward even more than i remember it being when ever was born.  i was numb within what felt like a minute of being in the room then the drape went up and it all began.  i remember noticing so many more people in the room which i expected since two babies were about to be born.  there were nurses for each baby and our pediatrician.  the nurse who took care of olive was someone i'd been friends with since junior high.  we don't talk often now but there was instantly a comfort in having someone i knew there.  she took care of me that first day and then off and on during my hospital stay.
the nurse who took care of fable was my dear friend of many years, aleasha.  she wasn't supposed to be working that day but she arranged to be there just for us.  it was perfect having her there.  months ago i had a dream that she was present for the birth of the twins and that dream came true.  she has been helpful in so many ways prior to the twins being born and since they have arrived.  aleasha is a gem.
 i feel like the c section went even faster than last time.  before i knew it we were hearing cries from our two girls.  olive didn't cry much at all.  fable was super dramatic the second she came out.  very early on in the pregnancy we thought we knew which baby would get which name based on their personalities we witnessed in ultrasounds.  near the end of the pregnancy i started to doubt if we gave them the name that was most fitting and i thought we might change who got which name.  when i was reunited with will and the babies he said we had the names right from the beginning.
as soon as they were born i remember looking across the room at olive in amazement.  i couldn't see fable because the drape that was set up was in my way.  my anesthesiologist kept talking to me....saying reassuring things, letting me know what all was going on, etc.  i felt like the entire thing was like an out of body experience.  it is hard to explain but it felt as if i was observing everything in a different way.  both olive and fable were brought to me.  it was frustrating that i couldn't really hold them but i knew it wouldn't be long before i could.  i kissed their faces and tried to soak up the moment of meeting my two newest daughters for the first time.
many of the people cleared the room...including will and the babies.  after being closed up i heard one of the nurses say something about the mess that was made when the amniotic sacs were opened.  i was so numb that i wasn't aware but apparently fluid was all the way up to my neck requiring them to clean me up and change my hospital gown.  i later discovered from will that it was fable's sac yhat made all the mess.  he said when he got up to take pictures of olive he heard a popping/splashing type noise as they worked to get fable out.  i thought that was cool and i wish i would have noticed the sound but i was too busy concentrating on olive.  when you go in the hospital all modesty sort of goes out the window but i was impressed that the anesthesiologist on his own doing looked away and held up a blanket to make me feel more comfortable and less exposed to the world.  see what i mean....he was really great.  he came to talk to me a little bit in recovery and informed me that i got a really great recovery nurse.  then dr. taylor came to talk to me in recovery.  he said....i'm sure you aren't thinking about this for a while but if you do want to have more children you easily could.  i guess my guts look happy and healthy and there wasn't a bunch of scar tissue from the last c section.
i waited and waited for the happy moment to be reunited with all my favorite people.  my mom and kit had brought ever to the hospital so she could see her baby sisters right away.  she was more concerned about seeing me.  luckily aleasha captured our first family of five moment on video.  i'll have to figure out how to share it on here because it is so sweet.  

lots of pictures.....
olive's first picture

fable's first picture 

my mom cut ever's cord because will wasn't all about doing it but since my mom wasn't present for the birth of these babies will was the cord cutter.  it looks like we only got a picture of him cutting olive's cord (thanks dr. lafredo)

i met olive first.  she was the first to come out.  she was known as baby b in the womb.  typically baby a comes out first but since she was on top of fable she had to come out first.  poor fable had a squished head thanks to olive.  it was nothing like ever's skull fracture...her head was just squishy looking in parts but it's already taken on a much rounder shape.  

i finally got to say hello to fable.  it was such an overwhelming thing to meet these tiny humans for the first time after they grew inside of me for nine months.  speaking of that i have such a greater respect for my body and all it was capable of with this pregnancy.  it was pushed to the limits in many ways....more on all of that another time. 

the following pictures were taken by will in the nursery while i was in recovery.  it is such a hard thing to be patient and wait to hold the babies.  i remember being so frustrated waiting to hold ever and it was the same way this time around.  luckily i didn't have to wait too long but any amount of time seems excruciating.  i instructed will to take plenty of pictures and videos so that i could absorb those first moments of their lives later.  these are just a few of the pictures he took.  

i love this pictures of ever knocking on the glass at her baby sisters.

finally i was wheeled out of recovery and able to meet up with my two little ladies in the hallway.  

another magical moment in my life.

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  1. I love all the pictures and I'm so glad Aleasha was able to be there for you! :)


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