bedtime stories with ever

i am a sucker for ever's avoidance of bedtime.  lately she lures me in to read another book or discuss something.  last night she really had me with her cuteness.  she kept calling for me and the second time i went in her room after putting her in bed i finally told her she really needed to relax and go to sleep.  her response......"whoa whoa whoa wait mama i need to tell you a story!"  so what did i do....go get the camera and take several videos of her story telling.  this one is my favorite of the videos i took.  part of the time she is reciting one of her favorite bedtime books and the rest....well just see for yourself.  she recently learned her last name and she likes to say it often with a mixture of all the names she knows.  in the other videos she made up stories about her stuffed animals and other objects in the room.  i am totally in love with her imagination.

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