leaving his dreams for us to enjoy

i posted this picture today on instagram with this caption:

the other night we went out to the mountains where i grew up...it was fable and olive's first time there.  i enjoyed the peaceful feeling and beautiful sites which made me think a lot about my dad and the legacy he left behind.  he was a visionary man that always worked towards his dreams regardless of how hard the path before him was.  i am sometimes saddened that he was not able to enjoy those dreams becoming a realities before he left this earthly existence.  today he would have celebrated another year of life.  on this day and many others i will appreciate the beauty of a sunset, just as he would have, from the place where he left his dreams for us to enjoy.

 here are several other pictures taken that evening.  including one of me sans makeup....your welcome.

 my first time wearing them in the moby wrap.  it felt a lot like being pregnant again.

ever picked and ate all the ripe strawberries she could find.

blurry but i love that expression on her face.

she also smelled flowers 

and pigged out on tomatoes.

being out at my moms is the ultimate adventure for her.

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  1. Skye, you're still so beautiful with no makeup on! I love all the pictures. Especially with you and the twins and with Ever with her little coat/mask on. :)


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