i said in a previous post i was planning on posting things in order but i guess that isn't the case.  truth is i might not get all the fable and olive things posted for months but i still intend to document them as much as i did ever.
fable and olive had another appointment with the doctor today to make sure they are gaining weight as they should be.  both little 2 week olds are 2 ounces above their birth weight so that is great.
i noticed it looks like i'm going to drop fable but i assure you she was comfy and not in danger.  
we are sleep deprived and i feel mostly haggard these days.  these pictures aren't my favorite of me but i love to see our family of five all in one shot. 

we stopped to get a picture of the girls by my dads memorial brick.  i did the same thing with ever when she was teeny tiny.

i love how will happened to be wearing a pink shirt on his outing with all his ladies....appropriate.

i had these two in matching outfits for the first time today....the seahorse outfit fable is wearing.  right before we rushed out of the house running late olive spit up all over herself so there went the matching clothes.  i just noticed fable has an impressive elvis lip going on in this picture.....she gets that from me.  


  1. Psh, you don't look tired at all, you look great. I hope to look 1/2 has good as you if I'm ever caring for a newborn (let alone 2 + another child!)

  2. You look gorgeous, as always! Love your family of FIVE!

  3. You and Ever are beautiful! I love Will's pink shirt and sunglasses. And Olive and Fable are adorable. :)


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