super husband

it is about time i write a post about this guy.  our blog has evolved over the years.  first it was about our newlywed adventures, then it was about ever, it'll soon be about a family of 5 with the addition of the twins.  it's been a long while since i was mushy about will so this is due.
*side note* one of my favorite recent pictures of will even if he looks kind of cranky.  i love his handsomeness and the old hollywood vibe from the black and white picture with cool lighting.

i haven't been the easiest person to deal with this pregnancy especially during the beginning when i was super sick then again around 24 weeks when things began to get more physically challenging.  i try not to complain too much but there are times i can't help it.....especially at night when the day has taken its toll on me.  the last couple weeks i have moments in the middle of the night when i just want to cry because i'm in pain and i can't sleep.  all along this journey will has been so good to me.  he's been so patient and helpful and encouraging.  after a busy day at work he comes home and gets ever out of the house so i can have quiet time to myself.  then before going to bed he'll pick up the messes from the day or do laundry or load the dishwasher.  i have felt bad that i haven't been able to keep up with things like i'd like to but will always assures me i'm doing a more important job of keeping these babies in and healthy.  i doubt i'd have made it so far with this pregnancy if it wasn't for all of will's help.  he would leave me uplifting notes some days when he could tell i was down in the dumps and remind me to relax as much as i could.  there were weekends he would take the pager for some of the guys he works with to get us a little extra money that has been needed to prepare for our two new additions.  he's done all these things with a good attitude and constant compassion for me even when i get cranky.  i feel so fortunate to have this amazing husband of mine.  i often think how wonderful it is that our girls are going to grow up with such a great example of a man.  

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  1. This post was soo sweet!!! It brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you and Will found each other! :)


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