a family of 5

i was going to share a couple of my most favorite videos taken after the babies were born but the files are too big to share on here and i don't have a clue how to edit them.  one of the videos is of ever meeting her sisters the other was the video of will hitting the lullaby button, which is heard all over the hospital, two times in a row to signify the birth of the twins.  when i realized those videos wouldn't upload i tried to decide which pictures and stories to share next.  i picked out a few sweet pictures to share and maybe from here on out i'll start at the beginning and post a little bit each day in order as the events unfolded.....we'll see.  i really want to document every moment that i can.
room 207 will always hold a special place in my heart.  it is the room i stayed in after the birth of each of my daughters.  i was actually thrilled to end up in that same room that i stayed in with ever.

the first time i really got to hold them which was pure magic and confusion.  i kept asking will over and over who was who and how big they were and which one came out first.  i think he wondered if i'd ever get it right that first day.  fable has the hat on so olive is on the left.

my mom didn't get to be as involved as she was during ever's birth and first few days because she was with ever the entire time.  i wanted her in on the delivery again but i felt even better knowing she was with ever because i knew ever wouldn't be missing me as much since she loves her yaya something fierce.

you know how i mentioned {the connection} with ever being delayed.  just like i've come to realize every pregnancy is different and every birth is different, so is the connection.  i really worried that i wouldn't feel love for these babies like i do for ever.  the days before their birth i cried about that concern and i cried because i was so worried about how much i'd miss ever.  i did miss ever a bunch but i think it was even harder for will to be away from her while we were in the hospital.  my focus shifted so easily to fable and olive.  i felt such a bond with them right away.  what was the best was when ever would visit and sit next to me on the bed while i held fable and olive.  three girls who have such a special place in my heart.     

the morning we were getting ready to go home from the hospital.  i was so happy to rush out of there and have our little family of five under the same roof.  will and i with the help of one of our favorite nurses started the go home process the night before we were released.  it's funny how much more important it becomes to go home when a huge chunk of your heart is there waiting for you.  our nights away from ever confirmed one thing....will and i are never going to be the kind of parents that want to take vacations sans children.  we are obsessed with our now three babies.  i'm so glad we feel the same level of obsession.  will is such a wonderful dad and watching him with the two newest makes my heart happy.

pretty sure i have olive in this picture.  i tried my hardest to make sure i was getting an equal amount of pictures with each baby....not an easy task.  i'll likely drive myself crazy trying to keep things equal.

fable and olive.  they have had their heads together from the beginning and they are happiest that way now as well....it is adorable to witness the two of them together and i'm sure as they get older i'll continue to be amazed by their bond.

fable on the left, olive on the right.  it is sometimes still hard to believe we have two new babies but at the same time it feels so right to have them here.  i couldn't imagine it any other way.


  1. I love these posts! I'm also so excited you have experienced the instant connection feeling! They are so sweet and beautiful! Also we feel the same way you guys do about vacations and time away from our kids. I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones.

  2. So happy for you and your family of five!! :)

  3. My favorite post! You are such a wonderful mama!


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