naming the twins (part 2)

start with part one of naming the twins {here} if you haven't seen that post yet.

as i previously mentioned there was a name that seemed to fit right away and that was...
it was on the vintage list like we wanted.  will instantly loved it.  i hesitated merely because it has become more popular in recent days and i prefer less popular names.
the other thing i like about naming is having a story or meaning behind the name.  when i looked up olive it said the meanings behind it were peace and success.  having a name associated with peace and success sounds good to me.

 the other baby was very close to being given another name....a name that was on the same vintage list as olive and ever.  that changed when one of the baby name websites i had been looking at had names listed based on the name of a sibling. one of the names suggested to go with ever was fable.  i remember seeing the name early on in the pregnancy once but it didn't really click, in fact i had considered some of the other suggestions that were similar.  the second time i saw the name it was different experience.  although it wasn't on the vintage list like the other name we were leaning towards it just seemed to fit when i saw it the second time around and discussed it with will.  so the other name we decided on was...
when i read the meaning behind fable it really connected for me....enchanted tale telling with a moral edge.  i remember as a child being very impressed by aesop's fables.  

like i mentioned in part one of naming the twins i wanted one baby to be named after my mom and one to be named after my dad in a round about way.  here is how i came up with middle names.  fable's middle name came to me when reading to ever one night.  i decided rouge (french for red) would be her middle name because it would signify my mom's red hair and a certain elegance.  an added bonus is that my beloved {brulé} who is no longer with us was considered a redhead in the husky world.  

it was much harder for me to come up with a middle name for olive that would signify my dad.  one day though like magic i came across the name reverie and fell in love with the meaning (an ethereal dream like state, to daydream).  instantly i felt that would be the way to signify my dad for a couple reasons.  my dad was what i consider an ultimate optimistic dreamer so i felt that described part of who he is.  also i've had multiple dreams about my dad during this pregnancy that always spoke to my soul.  

so that is how we named fable rouge and olive reverie.  

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  1. I love their names and the meaning behind them! :)


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