april 2nd

i am certain that on april 2nd every year i'll look at the clock and remember what was happening at that particular time so many years ago, just as i did today.  luckily will had the last couple days off work and as the three of us woke up today i looked at the time and said to will...remember this time last year we were just getting to the hospital, i was being wheeled to the operating room, i met ever for the first time, and so on.  this little reminder of memories went on all day.  
when i went to get ready for the day will and ever played in the other room and i told him that if i hadn't come back into the room at 10:58am he had to bring ever to me so that i could make a big deal about that being the time she was born last year.  i felt this ridiculous need to make a big deal of all the moments today.  i wanted to make april 2nd special in small sentimental notions but not necessarily in a big party sort of way.  will and i share a similar view that ever, as one year old, certainly will not care about a big birthday bash.  she wouldn't remember it and in all honesty she would most likely be annoyed with lots of commotion and people.  i know for some the big birthday bash tradition is the way to go but we aren't traditional in the way others are.  we like to make our own traditions that are significant to us...a great example of that is our wedding.  the last month or so we discussed what sort of plans we wanted to make and it was decided that we would take ever on an adventure and then have a very small gathering with cake, gifts and maybe a few decorations.  i am really happy with the way we chose to celebrate our girl's first year of life.  it wasn't too busy or stressful, it was a day that allowed for togetherness and reflecting just as much as it allowed for cake and presents.  i'll be catching up in the coming days on what we did to celebrate ever but i didn't want this magical day of april 2nd to end without saying a few words on this here blog of ours.  at the same time, i find it hard to adequately put words to my feelings.  so i suppose i'll just say that i love ever deeply and both will and i feel privileged to be her parents.  having her in our family has made the last year special in so many ways.  

this will always be a favorite shot of mine.....look really closely and you can see her tiny hand sticking out.

from this
to this
happy first year ever skye!


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  1. Awww!! Happy 1st birthday to Ever!! I love her little outfit!


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