prank 3

prank number 3 happened over the weekend.  a couple weeks had gone by since the last pranks so will wasn't suspecting anything at all.  saturday i made cupcakes for no real reason other than because will loves them, but in the back of my mind i was thinking how i could easily pull a prank with the cupcakes.  will devoured a cupcake before they had even cooled down so i asked if he wanted another one.  of course he did, and to make sure he didn't see what i was up to i asked him to change ever's diaper.  i had to work fast and in doing so some cupcakes were ruined.  will isn't a fan of spicy foods and i knew really spicy sauce mixed with one of his beloved cupcakes would be the perfect way to retaliate.  i quickly pulled the top off a cupcake and covered it with sriracha hot sauce.  then i carefully covered the hot sauce with frosting.  i noticed you could see some of the sauce on the paper wrapper so i unwrapped the cupcake and pinched a piece off so it looked like i had taken a bite.....that way he wouldn't wonder why it was unwrapped.  will comes in the kitchen and takes a bite that equals half of the cupcake...at first he says mmmmm then all the sudden he bends over the sink and starts spitting it out, maybe while saying a bad word.  i was laughing so hard i thought i'd pee my pants.  good thing the camera happened to be right there so i could at least get these photos.  he kept rinsing his mouth because it was burning and it tasted so bad.   
after the initial shock wore off he was pretty impressed with my pranking skills and we laughed for the rest of the day about it.  
side note....ever was playing with the camera recently and she switched a setting i guess because all of the photos are coming out square like this and i have no idea how to change it back.  i actually like the look of the square ones but hopefully i can at least figure out how she did this....naughty girl.


  1. So funny! Watch your back now ;)

  2. I LOVE your guys prankster stories!!

  3. You two and your pranks are cracking me up. I can't wait to see what comes next...haha.


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