prank 1 and 2

at one point during the weekend will and i decided to watch some youtube videos of couples pranking each other.  we both laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes while seeing some of the pranks and reactions.  next thing i know will starts saying that we should try pranking each other.  i agreed it could be a good idea as long as things did not go too far.  
the next day we went out to my mom's house to watch one of our favorite tv shows and see the dogs.  we took lunch with us and made a fun afternoon of it.  on the way out there will mentioned that he had packed dessert.  i adore cadbury eggs...the mini ones and the big cream eggs.  i'd say the cream eggs are my current favorite.  this year i barely had any easter candy because i'm working on my fitness.  that cream egg will packed was a rare favorite treat that i was looking forward to.
there we sit watching our show as i start eating my treat.  i took the first bite and thought how it didn't taste exactly right but i thought maybe it was because i had just finished eating a sandwich and that taste was still in my mouth.  after taking another bite i knew for a fact that something was very wrong with my dessert.  i look over at will with a disgusted look and he smiles, at that point i knew i was a victim of his first prank.  instantly i yelled...what did you do?  between bursts of laughter he explains that he made a tiny hole in the egg and squirted apple cider vinegar inside it then melted the chocolate with a lighter to cover the hole.  
i'm not sure what was more upsetting....the nasty taste in my mouth or the fact that he ruined two of my beloved treats in the process of making that nasty one and i only had one left at home until next easter rolls around. 
we laughed about it the rest of the day and i plotted revenge in my head.  i knew it would be at least a couple days until the next prank took place because we would both be too suspicious and will made me believe he wouldn't attack again until i had a chance to retaliate.  
later that night will got me again.  he was changing ever's diaper in her room as i went to the kitchen to make a bottle.  he called out for me saying that he might need help because it was a messy one.  i told him i'd be there in a minute.  as i round the corner to go in ever's room will comes out of her room holding what looks like an open dirty diaper then he bumps into me and presses the diaper against my shoulder.  he says my eyes were huge and i looked horrified as i stood there in silence for a moment.  i was ready to freak out but i smelled something sweet coming from the diaper.  apparently earlier that evening he mixed up nutella and peanut butter in a diaper complete with nutella/peanut butter covered wipes then he had it hiding in ever's room for the right moment.  well played will, well played.  now it is my turn though so give me a chance to get you back.
look at ever's face...even she was horrified that he ruined the cadbury egg.  that is because i let her have a little taste (of a good one) and it seems she might be in love with those too.

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