the cloud shelves

 remember in this post i mentioned cloud shelves that kit (he made them) and my mom gave ever for her birthday?  well here they are.  i added some white paint and will hung them up.  i think the shelves add that extra touch her room needed and they are perfect for displaying items i'd prefer ever couldn't reach and play with like the old kewpies and stuffed items she could wreck.
now that i see how great they look in her room i want more.  
i have some triangle shelves that will and kit made together months ago i'll most likely be adding to ever's room soon and once will finishes painting her antique kids table we are going to be that much closer to having this happy space completely decorated.  too bad she is a year old and we are just now getting everything set up perfectly....oh well you can't always rush these sorts of things.
this was another item kit made to go with the shelves...a cloud rack to hang anything from decorative items, jackets, or the coolest shark backpack.


  1. He did such a great job! Love them!

  2. Skye I love the cloudy shelves!! And I love Ever's magical room! :)


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