week 14/52
lucky you....you get to see two pictures for the photo a week thing this week.  
i couldn't decide.
that first picture is funny blurry and so ever...that silly grin and her teething necklace in her mouth while wiggling around on the couch.
this second one shows a moment of her being still and i just love how beautiful she is.  
these were taken right after she took her shirt off all on her own while playing.  
in the last couple weeks i've noticed how interested she is in trying to take her clothes off (tugging at them and sometimes getting one arm out of a sleeve, maybe both) then trying to put them back on which usually means picking up a shirt and repeadetly putting it on top of her head while looking in the mirror and saying pretty.  this was the first time she actually took her shirt off all the way on her own.  yesterday i dressed her in a such a cute outfit but it wasn't one she could easily try to take off and she threw an absolute fit when she realized it wasn't going to come off easily.  i had to take it off and let her run around in a diaper to keep her happy.  
lots of love to you from me and this one year old who suddenly hates wearing clothes.   


  1. Lots of time has been spent in the nude at our house over the last few years. (Not on my part, haha)

  2. Yes, here too! Babes love to be naked ;) She is beautiful!


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