week 18/52
ever is always making me laugh.  just when i think she can't top her funny moments, she does 10 more things that are so cute and hilarious to me.  yesterday she was especially funny, i could easily take hours and type up every story to share.  i record little stories from each day in a journal but this one i'll share with her weekly photo.
a couple months ago ever started saying...taste it.  when i was trying to convince the picky eater to take a bite of something i would say "taste it" to her and she eventually started to copy me.  her version is a little more like this....tase-it.  yesterday i walked in her room and saw her leaning up against the rocking chair that our kitty pellegrino was trying to nap in.  i watched her shove her finger in pellegrino's face and then repeatedly say tase-it to him.  this was her way of trying to get pellegrino to lick her finger.  it was one of those moments that i felt my heart could burst with love for my funny little girl.

on a side note i've discovered that ever isn't really such a picky eater, she just has a more sophisticated palate.  when i offer her the more baby food type options that i'm sure most 1 year olds would love she acts as if i'm ridiculous....but if i give her lentils or a smoothie consisting of blueberries, coconut milk, cinnamon and chia seeds she is all about it.  she is also a fan of tofu with black beans cous cous and curry.  her favorite vegetable is cauliflower at the moment and she has a seriously love of pasta.  it seems she definitely has the same taste buds as her mama.    


  1. What an adorably cute story!! I'm gonna think of Ever's story now whenever one of our kitties happens to lick my finger!!! :)

  2. Haha, she's funny!

    That's awesome that she eats like that. Paige LOVED baby food-all of it! But then she is my pickiest eater when we switched to real stuff. Cason and Neely ate more like it sounds like Ever does, and they are both great eaters-love veggies, quinoa, chinese food, all kinds of stuff.


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