leader of the pack

hey come here....i have to tell you something

you'll never believe it but....

i am 5 months old today and extremely happy about it.

oh and did you notice how my shirt says leader of the pack?
yeah well that is 100% true.
i am wild, demanding, funny, and my parents basically do as they are told.  i call the shots around here.  
my mom and dad just follow the leader.

to celebrate turning 5 months my mom took me on a hike with uncle brandon and yaya.  
i decided to be a real handful the entire time making it hard for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.  
to keep me happy for a few minutes uncle brandon let me play with his hair.
i've decided  it is my new favorite toy.

until next time.


  1. This is probably the cutest post of Ever, because it looks like she is saying exactly what you wrote. She really is the leader of the pack and she doesn't let you forget it :)

  2. I love her outfit! she is so adorable skye!


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