the cutest pumpkin

i have my first and favorite pumpkin of the season...
fall is around the corner and i couldn't be more thrilled about my favorite time of year, halloween, etc. being so near.
will picked up these pajamas last week because i requested ever have something festive to wear to bed.  
this year i'm especially happy about halloween because i have ever to dress up.
her bat costume is fitting as the weeks go on so i'm afraid it could end up being too small by october 31st but i really hope not.


  1. She looks so cute. It's hard when you love a costume and have to try and guess how big they'll be. Caso was a couple months old his first Halloween, and I'd made him his hammerhead shark costume, but he ended up too big and I had to cut arm and leg holes in it. At least he still SORT of got to wear it. I love you for choosing a bat for her.

  2. hi pumpkin! :) so cute!!! but that bat costume with the purple underside of the wings-- ADORABLE!!!! hoping it fits by then but if it doesn't (but it will!) at least you have that seriously cute photo of her in it, even if it didn't really fit. You don't notice it cos it's way too cute ;)

    ps. thanks for sending in your baby bump photo (the snow made it so magical) my post is up :) bit.ly/NoluT9


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